In life, many disadvantaged people of different age, race, and religion need help to achieve their dreams.  Children are the most affected in the society due to the lack of funds and protection from abuse by both community and government. In San Antonio, there are many organizations to help the needy children (Robbin, 2001). One of them is Family Association of San Antonio that helps build strong bonds in families in the society, with the main purpose of helping children. Residents of about 280 counties benefit from family service through the provision of quality English in all racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds. City of the sun is another organization that targets children’s welfare. Young children engage in the activities related to sports, arts, nutrition, and enrichment. Children get to explore their interests and discover talents (Robbin, 2001).

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CASA is one of the most successful agencies on the globe that helps children and young people who are unfortunate in the society (Robbin, 2001). It have been noted that in every country, there are more than 1500 children who are neglected and abused; thus, CASA came up with a program to help the neglected children. CASA hosts about 500 children aged from two to five years, and over 100 teens sign up in CASA program every school holiday (Petersen, 2014). The children and teenagers are sheltered and fed as well as educated that makes them appreciate their newly provided home. Some of the kids grow up with the idea in mind that the volunteers are the only adults interested in their problems. This program targets the neglected children and the mistreated youth in the society who get material and social help from the volunteers.

CASA was founded in 1976 after Judge David Souk discovered the recurring problem of children who are neglected and mistreated. It is through his efforts that funds are obtained to recruit and get volunteers trained to work with these children in San Antonio. By 1982, National Associations directed by NASA were established including NCSASAA and BCBA.CASA was formed to ensure that children’s affairs were addressed and the long-term problem was solved. Unlike the other family associations of San Antonio and city of the sun, CASA aims at solving serious problems, and it is broader than the rest of similar organizations worldwide (Robbin, 2001).

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This program works with the help of volunteers. These people represent the interests of youths who lack basic needs and are neglected and abused. Volunteers receive more than 30-hour training before they exposed to the children. Services such as ISE are designed to train volunteers in rural areas on individual basis. This training helps the volunteers to explore races and prepare them in youth development in ethnicity identity. Training programs also focuses on the improvement of outcomes in emancipating the youth to become future volunteers.

Volunteers of this program are not restricted in academic qualification to attain that chance. People who end up as volunteers are caring and have a sense in children’s welfare. Volunteers pass children’s information to relevant judges and try to find a permanent home for them. While working, they spend most of the time investigating the causes of negligence of the children that takes many hours in the first phase of the research. All the training of juvenile justice, social service, and courtroom procedures are thoroughly designed (Petersen, 2014). To become a volunteer, the following requirements should be meet: a candidate must have attained 21 years of age, completed the 30-hour training session, be able to appear in court with advance notice, and willing to become a committed volunteer. The best position of NASA is the volunteering section. There is much exposure to the children and learn the interests of young people who undergo abuse and neglect (Robbin, 2001).

Judges appoint the volunteers and assign simple responsibilities such as gathering information by interviewing the children and family members, providing written reports and advocating the victim in the court of law. Volunteers are trained to help the child understand the courts proceedings and seek corporation form the child (Drircoll, 2010). They ensure that the victim and the family get necessary services from the court and followed up to those that do not get immediate attention. They further keep the court updated with the child’s education and health among other basic needs. The volunteers are maintained through the funds gotten from the federal government (Petersen, 2014).

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Interaction with the volunteer helps one get the interest of being one. One can learn the challenges facing kids and the way the volunteer gets trust from the kid. It is through this approach that we learn the causes of the children abuse and neglect. CASA has very few volunteers and is encouraging people in the community to join the team addressing the alarming increase in children seeking foster care in the country (Petersen, 2014). This organization realized that without care of the neglected children, there would be spoilt future generation; hence, there should be initiative to take care of them by hosting the kids and giving them material and social support

According to the experiences in CASA, humanity is developed and self-realization gotten. Participating in the activities of the group brings out an aspect of community togetherness (Petersen, 2014). The activities help one get a child in a foster country who longs for a loving community to realize their dream. Through taking the initiative as a volunteer, it is easy to generate the attitude to protect children’s rights and change their lives in a positive way for the coming generations.

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