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Gender Socialization

Answer 1. Socialization is the process in which a person becomes an individual who respects his/her environment norms, laws, and customs (Crespi, n.d.). Generally, it begins at humans’ birth and continues all along their lifespan. Socialization prepares new individuals to become the members of the community where they think, feel, and act in a various manner according to their gender (Persell, 1990).

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Answer 2. Gender roles are goals that people have to perform during their life with respect to their gender. According to the gender, all humans are divided into males and females. If a person is a male, then his gender role is to be strong as well as to be a breadwinner of his family. Woman’s gender role is to become a mother and take care of her children. Another important role is to clean the house of her family, while a man earns money for them. However, considering the future generations, the traditional gender roles might be changing with respect to all socialization agents.

Answer 3.Gender role socialization is a form of socialization that explains the way “children of different sexes are socialized into their gender roles and taught what it means to be male or female” (Crespi, n.d., p.2). The good example of gender socialization is the experiment with babies who were introduced as males to one part of the study and as females to another one. As a result, they behaved differently due to the gender they had been told.

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Answer 4. Eating disorder is a mental illness that causes serious disruption in a human daily diet. It appears as a result of eating very small amounts of food or severe overeating. Appearing at a young age, this disorder may cause serious impairment in person’s growth and development as well as mental and social well-being. Besides, it also enhances mortality rates among young people (Mandal, 2013). Eating disorders affect both males and females, but usually they are more common amid women (90% of them are at the age from 12 to 25 years). Eating disorder is a common issue to all humans in the globe as 70 million of them suffer worldwide, while 24 million of them are Americans (“Eating Disorders Statistics,” 1994).

Answer 5. As mentioned before, eating disorders are more common amid women because they want to have thin bodies for they believe it can help them to look more attractive. As a result, they follow strict diets that usually cause health problems. Many fashion magazines propose various dietary regimes for women to be fit and beautiful, but instead they only cause violating of the metabolism that can bring them anorexia or bulimia.

Answer 6. Every day media send messages to women about their eating regime that can help them be slim and healthy. However, they are very damaging because they push females to struggle for having a perfect body. At the end, such actions usually bring them eating disorders. Hence, researchers suggested some treatment programs that might be very effective in solving this issue, especially when they include media literacy with strategies that help to resolve the women’s deficits in self-esteem as well as social skills (Spettigue & Henderson, 2004).

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Answer 7. The researchers offered a good idea about treatment programs that are helpful in solving the social problem of eating disorders. It would be better to include them in the timetable of TV channels as it may provide wider spreading of useful information. Also, ensuring such treatment programs for the population in various sports centers or clubs will bring more success than advertising strict diets and slimmest models. Moreover, it is necessary to provide more available sources about eating disorders in various educational establishments as it could help to prevent spreading eating disorders amid young people.

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