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Order now is a leading company providing first-rate online writing services. However, the secret of our success is not only the services we offer but also an advantageous affiliate program by joining which our clients get an opportunity to generate cash. There is a constant increase in the number of our customers and we crave to say “Thank You!” to everyone choosing our services among others offered by numerous online agencies. If you decide to deal with us, you can be sure that your papers will not cost a fortune since our prices are reasonable. What is more, you will be even able to earn money when buying papers from us. Sounds weird? All you have to do is actively participate in our referral scheme. As a result, you will not need to spend your own cash on purchasing writing projects from us. Learn more about the advantages of our affiliate program and join it immediately!

Before joining our referral program, you should be aware of your duties. Thus, to become our affiliate, you will be required to tell other people about our agency. In this case, you will need to determine potential customers. Here, it is worth emphasizing that the majority of our clients are students who are particularly interested in our services. Hence, start providing information about us to your friends and peers immediately!

Points to Consider Being Our Affiliate Partner

  • You will be able to collaborate with us once you get your personal account on our website. One of the purposes of using your account is participation in our referral scheme. When entering your personal area, you will find the unit called “Affiliate Program”.
  • Draw your attention to such components as a discount code, “My friends’ emails”*, and the link to our referral scheme.
  • Copy the link and send it to your peers or classmates.
  • The discount code will be issued to everyone whom you have emailed. Everyone clicking your link will be added to our database automatically.
  • As soon as the promotional code is inserted in the respective field, the discount will be applied.

*The email addresses of the people whom you are going to send some information about our agency should be entered in a specific form. The email will provide the data about our online agency, peculiarities of our work, and our services.


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Advantages of Using Our Excellent Services

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What Our Customers can Get from Us

10% bonus – this is what you will be provided with once people whom you have recommended to use our services make their orders on our website. This cash bonus can be used to buy papers from us.

17% discount – this is what our new clients who ordered their first assignments from us on your recommendation will get.

Our services are a superior means of not only resolving your writing issues but also earning money.

How to promote our services and become our affiliate?

Social accounts

Place links to our site in your social media accounts. Use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp for promotion.

Business cards

Print business cards and distribute them among your classmates and friends to become our affiliate.

Promo code

Send a unique promo code or your referral link to your classmates. Once they follow the link, they will be added to our base.

Discount code

Once you join our affiliate program, you will be able to earn money by distributing your discount code via email among your friends and peers.


Learn how to advertise your discount code on YouTube. You are required to create a special channel on YouTube to promote your code.


Every person who is interested in generating profits is welcome to join our referral system.


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