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The year 2023 can be definitely called the year of artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to its generative capabilities. AI language models and ChatGPT, in particular, stormed into many spheres and shook things up. Now, technologies are capable of creating content that is highly similar to human-produced text. Sure enough, it is a game changer for many professionals and companies. Students started using AI for writing essays too. While using AI tools seems to be an excellent option to come up with ideas and search for information, the ability of AI to create truly high-quality content is questionable. As a student, should you be using ChatGPT for your essay? The facts suggest that you should not.

ChatGPT: The Basics Explained

ChatGPT is AI that functions as a chatbot. It engages in a conversation with a user and replies to prompts. It might remind you of chatbots that are used by various companies for customer support services. But while the chatbots usually follow certain scripts, ChatGPT is a lot more flexible. Using huge corpora of data, it is trained to be able to recognize what a user asks for, generate an instant response, recognize mistakes, and improve the output. The variety of sources used to train ChatGPT allows the chatbot to sound a lot like humans. That is why it is widely used for creating content. Translating, writing code, and creating social media posts, newsletters, or blog content are the usual tasks for ChatGPT. Using it certainly makes you think of AI language models as a human-made wonder, but artificial intelligence still has much to learn.


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There Is a Limit to What ChatGPT Can Do

Like many AI language models, ChatGPT has limitations. The situation is likely to change in the future, but these days the chatbot’s ability to cope with academic writing well is yet to be honed. Let us have a look at what we are dealing with.

ChatGPT makes up things

ChatGPT relies on the data that has been fed to it to reply to a user’s prompts. Since some data might have been incomplete, wrong, biased, etc., the chatbot might provide wrong answers. It also makes things up if it does not have the information. Artificial intelligence predicts what the reply could be and provides it even if it is not true. This is called hallucinations of AI. So, users should be ready that the output might be completely inaccurate.

ChatGPT lags behind

ChatGPT does not have direct access to the internet and cannot extract information to reply to user queries. It relies solely on the data that was provided to it. The latest version of ChatGPT is based on the data as of 2021, so it is somewhat outdated. Comparing, ChatGPT and human writers, this limitation makes the former much more inferior.

The AI tool works with texts only

It is possible to use ChatGPT for creating content, but one should remember that the tool does not work with anything but written content. It does not interpret images or videos and cannot access URLs. It will not produce a ready-to-use piece for a blog or social media. Neither will it help with a reference list in academic writing. It always requires additional effort from a user.

Technical limitations of the tool

There are limits to how long both the input and output could be in ChatGPT. It cannot process messages that are too long, while it might be important to many academic tasks. And it cannot generate too much text due to the character limit. So, if you are using ChatGPT for your essay, be ready for this constraint.

Superficial research

ChatGPT instantly provides answers to all kinds of questions and explains complicated topics in simple words. But just like all AI language models, it cannot go into detail on a topic and explain it in-depth. It offers concise and brief summaries only. It strongly affects the possibility of using AI for writing essays.

No ready-to-use content

Unlike human writers who receive the requirements and work independently, AI essay writers require constant participation. A user has to control the output, refine prompts, double-check information, search for references, etc. More so, the quality of writing should be improved because AI language models produce repetitive ideas using repetitive sentence structures. While AI essay writers like ChatGPT are capable of creating content instantly, it does not save time for a student.

The lack of creativity and emotions

Using AI for writing may not provide the desired outcome because AI does not have emotions, senses, human creativity, or the ability to express feelings in a nuanced way. AI essay writers use a very formal tone, repetitive and expressionless language, and cliches. They provide very straightforward responses to questions, while essay writing typically requires a more open-minded and creative approach.

Using AI for essays is a good initial option that allows coming up with ideas or finding a starting point for further research. However, the limitations of AI affect its ability to produce truly high-quality content. Its outputs require refining, verification, revisions, and a lot of time. If you do not have the time and energy needed for doing these, hiring professional human writers is a solution.

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Awesome Advantages of ChatGPT

Despite the numerous limitations that AI has (for now!), AI essay writers have become a real revolution in the sphere of creating content. How so? Thanks to several very important advantages:

  • Fast results. If one’s goal is to generate content fast and in large volumes, using AI tools is a great solution to such a request. ChatGPT is as quick as a wink.
  • No fees. If a user does not have the budget to hire real writers, they can use a free version of ChatGPT for basic essay writing help.
  • No human errors. Using AI for writing is great to avoid typos, grammar mistakes, missing commas, and other errors that anyone but a machine might make.
  • Consistency. Typically, AI essay writers produce responses in the same style. Although dry and repetitive, it might be useful when uniformity matters.

These advantages, however, are not enough to fully rely on AI for writing essays and other papers. Active human involvement, especially that of professional writers, is still needed to receive high-quality content.

AI for Writing Essays: Things a Student Should Consider

If you are a student who has trouble completing a writing assignment, you can surely consider using ChatGPT for your essay. However, mind that AI essay writers do not provide ready-to-use content. If you submit the piece as it is, you are likely to fail the task for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of creativity and emotions. These are crucial for many academic tasks, but AI cannot show empathy, create unique metaphors, or appeal to the senses well.
  • Lack of details. AI language models do not provide detailed answers and do not show expertise, while students usually have to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a topic that they research.
  • No reliability. AI essay writers use data provided to them to generate output. ChatGPT has been trained on open-access data of varying quality levels. That is why the papers that it produces might contain questionable information or ignore important current context.
  • Risk of plagiarism. While AI language models usually do not copy and paste texts from sources, they do take ideas from them. But they do not always give credit to the real author, which is a form of plagiarism.
  • No uniqueness. If two students in one class receive the same task and use ChatGPT, they might end up submitting papers with really similar ideas and sentence structures. It is very easy to spot for any professor.
  • Risk to reputation. Since many students are tempted to use AI for essays, AI detectors are already under development. Your professor might already run essays through such detectors.

AI essay writers are by far not a good solution if you want to submit high-quality content and get top grades. Their output requires much reworking and revising. If you want a good result, you should either get ready to do much of the writing and researching by yourself or hire a professional writer.

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Why Human Writers Are Far from Being Replaced

While AI language models are capable of creating content, they are not able to do it as well as human writers. Yes, they are faster and cheaper to use, but the quality of writing needs to be improved. The comparison of ChatGPT and human writers shows that the latter are superior in many ways.


Personal Perspective

Essay writing is not about facts and research only. In many assignments, personal, i.e., human, perspective is required. Students need to explain how they feel about a certain issue, how they evaluate some content, or how they would treat a dilemma. Even the most well-trained AI cannot provide a human perspective.


Understanding Nuances

ChatGPT uses data provided to it to generate content and react to prompts. However, not everything can be put into words and given to AI to learn from. The technology might be simply unaware of some cultural or social context. And it cannot read between the lines if asked, for example, to analyze a poem. It lacks human-like perception.


Unrivalled Creativity

AI language models function with a certain framework that has been set up for them while training. They can do amazing things within their limitations, but they usually write very predictable things in the most predictable way. On the other hand, a professional human writer can be creative, offer a new perspective, and find a crazy brand-new metaphor. They can create truly high-quality content.


Building Connections

Human writers are a lot more flexible and sensitive to their audience. They can adjust the tone, style, structure, and ideas depending on the audience to which they are writing. Writers can use personal stories to create a hook or build a connection with a reader. AI, however, simply fulfills the task and cannot sense the needs of the audience.


Bias and Tactfulness

AI language models receive information that has been created by humans, so they adopt people’s biases. While it makes texts that ChatGPT creates more human-like, it might unintendedly lead to offensive output. The chatbot does not know the real weight of words, so its content cannot be used blindly.


The comparison of ChatGPT and human writers demonstrates that AI still needs to be developed to reach the level of quality that people can offer. Only a professional writer can produce unique, original, and specialized content right now.

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Where to Find Qualified Writers

Hiring a qualified writer means getting a paper that meets one’s needs. A real professional can adapt to the specific requirements however complex they are and adjust the tone and style to the chosen target audience. Also, unlike AI, a professional writer takes responsibility for the result that they deliver and provide ready-to-use product. If you do not have to time spare for double-checking and fixing the paper created using AI tools, hire a skilled writer at to complete the task for you.

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Also, our team of qualified writers constantly develops their skills and knowledge and follows the latest trends to provide top-quality results for our clients. They guarantee thee reliability of data, in-depth research, and writing that is customized to customers’ needs.

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ChatGPT and Human Writers: Why the Latter Win

Although using AI for essays and other types of content is becoming more common these days, technologies will not replace human writers in the nearest future. However amazing ChatGPT is, it cannot generate content that shows in-depth expertise, fascinates with unseen metaphors, or surprises with creativity. Good writing is only possible with the participation of professional writers. And if you want to hire such writers, you should do it here, at

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