Everlasting Coffee Question

The question about drinking coffee is as old as the coffee itself. Whether it is harmful or beneficial to your body is debatable. Surely, it directly depends on the amount your drink, but that is not the most important criteria. Here, first of all, you should think about the time when you consume this tempting liquid. As your organism is a constantly changing mechanism, you should be aware of the time when you must fill it to maximize the productivity. Regardless of various myths about drinking coffee before starting doing something of utmost importance, you will receive much more benefit as long as you drink after. Caffeine lets your brain consolidate memories efficiently that gives you a boost as in working so in long-term memory.

Testing the Caffeine

Consuming Caffeine before the Testing

These statements are not just random words to make this article look persuasive. Recently, there was an experiment studying the influence of coffee on human’s organism. A group of 160 women at the age of 18 to 30 was asked to make a few tasks. The tasks were not difficult, but they included a lot of memorizing to find out the normal measures. Right after the testing, all the participants of the experiment were given the special pills – the half of women received caffeine based pills, while the other half got only placebo variant that influences nothing.

24 hours later, the group was gathered again to repeat the experiment. The test was intentionally made difficult to find out whether there is any impact of the caffeine. Surprisingly, those women who were given the real pills coped with the tasks much better than those who consumed placebo. Even though the experiment was intended to collect such data, the experts were positively shocked with the result.

Consuming Caffeine after the Testing

A few days later, in order to confirm the result of the previous experiment, the scientists conducted an opposite one – the group consumed caffeine before the tasks were given. As the placebo effect was no longer relevant, only different dozes of the caffeine were used (100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg). This time the memory testing included similar tasks, and the next day the experiment was repeated as previously. The results were unexpectedly amazing – the women who were given the pills with a minimum doze of caffeine (100 mg) showed much better results than the ones who were given more caffeine.

As experiments showed, your memory is the thing that can be easily influenced. The only issue is that it is up to you to decide whether to influence it positively or negatively. Even though there will be a lot more experiments conducted in the future, you can observe a few real facts even now. The impact of caffeine should be measured in time as well as the amount. Therefore, think twice before drinking coffee – perhaps you are doing it in a wrong time with a wrong doze.



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