Impostor Complex

Who is Prone to Have an Impostor Syndrome?

Have you ever thought Emma Watson could have an impostor syndrome? She revealed such information in one of the latest interviews. Only now the fans got to know the real personality of one of the most famous actresses ever. She admits the fact that casting in Harry Potter was more about luck than of a natural prodigy. 

Another Hollywood star to tell about the same kind of feelings was Meryl Streep. Many psychologists would claim these manifestations to be groundless self-critic. If to dig deeper, it may occur that the artists are just being too hard to themselves. Truly, there is a tendency to try to do everything possible to reach the pick of fame and have a very successful career. People of the age of 40 are most likely to think and act in such a way. By the way, not only top liners are exposed to this type of behavior, but all the average people as well.

Factors Which Lead to the Mental State

There are three aspects which may strongly influence a personality’s self-perception. The first thing is the comparison of oneself with the people of the same age. The negative sides this one of being in a group. The idea of perfectionism and low achievements in some spheres may lead to awful consequences, such as low self-esteem and disbelief in own abilities. What is more, the pressure of people surrounding a person may be a distracting factor. All the problems listed are not a verdict, it is bearable if a person is ready to work hard with own fears and prejudgments. 

A Mechanism to Solve the Problem

For sure, there is no way you will be making progress from the very moment you have decided to make a change. At this stage, the things that matter are that you have admitted the problem and are ready to take actions. Stop being ashamed of the problem you are facing.

Do not get upset if you sometimes notice yourself doing wrong, you are already on your way and this way is full of stumps. If a professor practices comparing papers during the session, try not to react too thoughtfully. Whenever it really influences your progress, have a personal talk with the scholar and explain the reasons not to apply such a method at the lectures. To add to that, you may also discuss the issue with the members of the Guidance Office.

One more recommendation is not to reveal the problem to your friends until you do not know them well. Their pieces of advice may be even demotivating and make you move in the wrong direction. The biggest restriction is to stop comparing yourself with other students. Keep in contact with your inner self and make sure this is harmony that rules inside you.

Moreover, a failure may also produce a discouraging effect. However, try to see the positive sides of every situation that happens to you. Instead of giving up, learn how to perceive defeat not as a vain attempt, but as a new challenge to flourish in future.


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