Ways to Develop Diction

The student’s ability to speak accurately and correctly plays a major role in the successful speech at a presentation or seminar. More than 35% of information is perceived thanks to sounds, that’s why our voice is of the particular importance. Of course no one was born with a speech as siren’s song. Diction can be improved with minimum effort and desire. Check out the following techniques and find out how to do this in record time.

Diction is a key point in the development of speech technology. Everyone IS able and should improve diction. It can be improved by following techniques, they just need to be used regularly.


Tongue-Twisters are definitely effective as their aim lies in training your pronunciation. Tongue-Twisters are used by all actors and singers for improvement of diction.

Articulatory Exercises

Play not last role in this uneasy task. Your diction and speech can be improved by:

  • Opening your mouth widely and slowly moving your jaw forwards and backwards;
  • Resting against the right and left cheeks in turns with the tip of the tongue. You should do this with an opened and closed mouth.
  • While smiling with your mouth opened, try to count the lower and upper teeth with your tongue.

The exercises above are suggested by qualified speech therapists.

In order to listen how your own voice sounds, you should record it. Recording and listening will help you to get the perfect speech.

How Your Diction Can Be Developed

Development and improvement are not the same things. For proper development the following need to be done:

  • Reading more classic works;
  • Communication with representatives of different social groups;
  • Listening to the poems of experienced announcers;

These simple ways helps you in developing not just your horizons, but also the diction. Thus you will definitely be more confident while your communication with others. 

If you have any difficulties with pronunciation there are some ways how you can improve your diction and clarity of speech:

  • no rush when speaking;
  • proper breathing (you should exhale and speak slowly);
  • avoid ‘swallowing’ the end of words and speaking through your teeth;


Tempo, intonation, and loudness are the main characteristics of the voice that need to be worked on. You should speak neither too quiet and nor too loud. Intonation may be much more important than the words.

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Don’t forget that you should become a speaker, it’s something you develop but not congenital. Practice daily and have a desire to improve your diction and you’ll definitely have success!


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