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Why Is Bullying a Pressing Problem?

Bullying has become a commonplace not only in the school environment but also in the workplace, on social networking sites, and in households. What is more, kids, as well as adults, are exposed to various forms of harassment and intimidation. They face bullying both in person and on the Internet. Apparently, bullying is a pervasive phenomenon that continues to proliferate at an ever-increasing pace.

 Bullying is an issue that requires immediate solution. One out of every four adolescents has been a victim of bullying at least once in their lifetime. With regard to cyberbullying, as much as 43% of teenagers suffer from bullying online. Some victims of bullies reach out to their parents, teachers, friends, or counselors and report the problem of abuse. However, lately, some teenagers are being bullied constantly, which forces them to resort to suicide to escape the problem.

More Bullying Figures

  • Every 7 minutes, bullying occurs on the playground. No measures are taken 85% of the time while adults address the problem 4% of the time. Peer intervention happens as often as 11% of the time.
  • One out of five kids confesses to mistreating others.
  • Bullying takes place more often on the school premises rather than elsewhere.
  • Nine out of ten LGBT representatives encounter some form of harassment either in educational establishments or on the Internet.
  • Physical abuse is a potential outcome in 80% of the times when someone stands up to a bully. 
  • Approximately one-third of the surveyed students have experienced a situation when a bully threatens to kill another child/teenager.
  • Each month, 282,000 students in middle school are physically victimized.
  • 35% of children have encountered various forms of intimidation on social media platforms.
  • 58% of children fear to report instances of cyberbullying to their parents or people in authority.

Why Do People Resort to Bullying?

To allay the problem of bullying, it is important to identify triggers that cause such behavior. In fact, there are numerous factors that spark aggressive behavior and make bullies abuse their peers.

  • Some people become bullies because of the unhealthy atmosphere at home. Their parents may be heavy drinkers, drug addicts, or child abusers themselves.
  • An older brother or sister victimizes them regularly.
  • Bullies emulate their parents, teachers, or other important figures in their life whom they have seen bullying others.
  • Bullies attack weak individuals simply because they despise physical weakness in people.
  • Bullies crave power and subordination.
  • Bullies abuse others because it makes them feel superior, stronger, and better than their peers.

How to Address Bullying  

If you or someone close to you is subject to bullying, you should immediately turn to somebody for help. Tell a trusted person so that they are able to stop a bully from hurting other people. It is also crucial to tell about an incident of harassment in a detailed way, including where and how the bullying took place. 


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The most effective method of fighting bullying is to let adults know about the problem and report someone you think is cruel to others. If you know someone who is bullied, you should befriend and support them. By doing so, they can become psychologically stronger, which will help them cope with abuse. Bullying will disappear only if everyone takes a strong position against it.


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