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A lot of online writing services write essay papers. They take different approaches to attract customers when they advertise themselves online. For example, some catch the reader's attention with the words, “cheap price!” and lure them in with the understanding that the customer is going to get a great deal for his or her money. However, more often than not, these places turn out to be where to buy papers that have been plagiarized or are poorly written. Not only that, but the cheap price claim is often a misleading “bait and switch” technique. The student who wants to buy well written research paper assignments buys them at Our pro writing teams offer students the best custom written research papers in the entire writing industry.

Custom Essay Papers is where to buy papers that are carefully written according to the customer's exact custom specifications. The well written research paper follows a certain format. It is well-researched, well-organized and written in an interesting way. The formatting is correct. There are no spelling or grammar mistakes, and each custom detail that the customer has requested is included in the essay. Our excellently written research papers are affordable enough for any student to be able to buy them, and thousands of students each year do. We provide the best essay papers online.

Since we first opened for business in 1995, has been known as an online writing service that has integrity. When a student wants to buy essay papers from us, we go out of our way to insure that each transaction goes smoothly and that it is convenient for the customer.

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We are reliable in our offering round the clock services, and we are honest in that each customer knows exactly what he or she is getting and how much he or she is paying before a dime is spent. We offer money back guarantees for all of our work, and we treat our customers will total respect at all times.

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Generally speaking, online writing services do not always have the best customer service. In fact, some writing services do not have customer service departments at all, or have them but are next-to-impossible to reach. is just the opposite. Not only do we offer customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer customer service of very high quality. We are not like the writing services that give their customers toll free numbers that do not work, or those that never answer their email. We offer great customer service from the instant a customer registers for a free account on our website. As soon as a student signs up, he or she can confer with the customer service agent that is on duty at all times right on the embedded, live chat interface on our website.

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Our customer service agents go through special training that teaches them the skills necessary to be of the best assistance to our customers. They can assist customers who might have a question about our policies, or they can assist the student who is having difficulties making up his or her mind about which essay papers to order. A special service that is offered by our customer service department, is that our agents can arrange for our customers to speak directly with the writers who are working on their papers. This is almost unheard of in the writing industry, but we offer this service to our customers because we feel that direct customer input can help our writers write better papers.

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