Rhetorical Analysis of a Print Advertisement, Including Research on Ad/Advertiser

For a long time, advertisements have been used to promote the items for sale, hence for marketing them. This is an effective way of publicizing particular item and in such a way to increase its purchase depending on the appealing effect of the advert. The following paper provides the analysis of the advertisement of iPhone 6 from the Apple Company.

Through advertisements, we obtain information about a given product and consider good reasons for purchasing the product. In the case under consideration, the products, namely the mobile phone, have far-reaching positive impacts on our lives as long as they fulfill the promises they were claimed to have. The current paper analyzes the advertised product from the Apple Company. The phone’s specifications are unique, friendly, and quite easy to use (Apple Company, 2015). According to the advert, the gadget has accessory features like earpads and microphone, USB that has lighting, and a power adapter of 5W USB. Furthermore, the phone has multiple covers of different colors to meet the tastes of the buyer as well as match their outfit. The phone is presented to have an excellent performance by being able to meet many expectations of the users in the current era.

The audience of this advertisement is anyone who would wish to get the unique experience of using the company’s new technology in the market (Apple Company, 2015). The ad has been published in journals and daily newspapers to capture the attention of potential buyers. The primary place of it was in a magazine, where it occupied rather considerable space to draw the attention of the audience and provoke interest. The display of the ad in the magazine translates that it targets the audience of varied background, since the magazine is a public communication means, through which every person can receive information.

In the parent company’s website, the advertisement has much details with prompts to assist the audience to explore more on the advert and get a virtual experience of the gadget. In addition, the parent company displays the ad at different angles to make the audience aware of the size and thickness of the device when held in hand (Apple Company, 2015).

In the magazine, the advert appears on a yellow background creating a sharp contrast with the color of the phone represented in the foreground of the ad page. The phone is displayed in pink, white cream, and black cover colors (Pc Magazine, 2015). The black one shows the front part of the device with an idle mode indicating time on the screen. The rest of the colors demonstrate the backside of the phone with the camera visible. The phone’s design is made to look unique and reasonably slim to suit the preferences of many people who do not prefer bulky gadgets.

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Below the advert is the company’s logo of bitten apple on one side with the words iPhone 6S on the right side. This is a gesture of the ownership by the company, as well as the display of the product’s name. Above the advertised phone, there is a catchy sentence “The best with no contract plan” used to draw further attention of the audience. The message behind this sentence implies that the phone has the capability of being the best when purchased. Other incentive words included are “unlimited talk time, text, and data”; further, there are data plans provided below the incentive words such as “30-day plan, 5Gb data to 4GE speed”. This information provides specifications of the phone to the audience that then compare and contrast the information provided with the similar gadgets from other companies (Pc Magazine, 2015).

Above on the right corner of the ad page, there is a “straight talk wireless” words to give more emphasis on the ability of the gadget. Below the advert page in the white section, additional information regarding the phone is provided, such as “plan and phone are sold separately”. The company’s name has also been provided in tiny letters as compared to the rest of the font size in the entire ad, which demonstrates that this information might be irrelevant to be captured at first sight by the audience (Pc Magazine, 2015). Below, on the right side of the ad, the place where it is possible to find the phone for sale has been provided as “only at Wal-Mart.” In such a way, a message is send to the audience conveying that the genuine brand of the phone can be easily found at the place provided unless specified otherwise.

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The font type that has been applied in the whole page of the ad has been varied for effectiveness of the message transmitted. For example, font type Calibri bold has been used in large size to draw attention of the audience. The other places of insignificance have been addressed using the font type agency FB that is un-bold to make the information less conspicuous.

The advertisement gives the audience a brief know hoe of the way they will feel on purchasing the gadget as a personal item. According to Berger theory of advertisement, it shows the other way of life and the other side of life when one has the gadget in possession (“John Berger's Ways of Seeing,” 2006). On the one hand, the ad speaks for itself by means of the message directed to the audience who read it to see what it has to offer. On the other hand, it communicates to the audience that they become superb like the phone when they have the phone. Spending to have the gadget means that it is spending for a purpose as portrayed by the ad (“John Berger's Ways of Seeing,” 2006).

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The demand for the item in the ad, the iPhone, has increased over the years since the advent of telecommunication through the telephone booths and till the time the wireless trend appeared. The latter has increased the demand for the phone as the communication device that can be used anywhere and anytime provided there is network and power to maintain its working condition. The psychological effect that the gadget has created is that in this era, being without a phone is like being isolated from the rest of the world, as its purpose is to connect an individual with the rest of the world.

With the advancement in technology, the use of phone has increased as well, since one can virtually travel in the whole world just with the phone at hand. The present era has taught the people to be social beings by giving them the capability of having as many friends as they would wish to have through the social media. This makes the ad rather relevant in this era.

The impact that the use of the phone has brought to the society today is a major one. The way people approach various issues is far much different from how it used to be a few decades ago, when it was impossible to imagine that one could communicate with people anywhere in the world. Relationshipwise, the use of the phone has altered the way communication takes place between beloved ones, as much as it has widened the group of people we communicate with on a daily basis.

In terms of health, the use of mobile phones has improved mental health status of individuals because they can communicate with their beloved ones and get mental support required even if they are far away (Riley, 2013). Political participation and social development has also increased with the use of mobile phones, becoming stronger in developing countries. Furthermore, the economy has significantly increased due to the mobile phone sales. For example, in the UK the GDP growth has increased by 1.8%. The effect is yet to be higher in developing countries (Riley, 2013). The cultural significance of the advertisement, in this case, the phone is also substantial, beginning with mere connecting people to putting the whole world in the palm of a single person (Jay, 2013). The political uprising all over the world, as witnessed by one region of the world, is effectively witnessed on the other part of the world because of the cellular gadget. The art and culture of different people worldwide can now be observed and practiced by other people. The device has indeed made the world a global village, where the sharing of ideas and practices is quite easy.

Overall, the paper analyzed the advertisement of iPhone S as a communication device by considering the advertisement in a magazine as well as from the company’s website. Furthermore, the elements of the advert were examined in the magazine, leading to the conclusion that everything in the advert has certain meaning to the targeted audience. The contribution of the gadget to the economy of the individual countries participating in its usage and sale was considered. Finally, the high input towards individuals was discussed. In conclusion we can doubtlessly say that the product has positive effects on the economy of the country as well as the individuals purchasing them.

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