Answer 1

In “Moving Pictures Evoke Concerns”, Henry Myers highlights how moving pictures, television, and cinematography in general negatively influence youth. According to the author, television can help young people in their education because they may learn various useful facts from it. However, uncensored content and programs that display criminal techniques, wickedness, sexual crimes, and violent behaviors performed by big screen “stars” not only negatively influence youth but provide them with criminal solutions for their problems in real life (Dahl & DellaVigna, 2009). For example, due to sexual harassment and uncensored rape scenes portrayed in the movies, several sexual assault cases similar to the case of Virginia Rappe have been reported.

The main point of this article is the same as the conclusion as expressed in the last two sentences. Throughout the article, the author tries to prove that in order to adequately educate young people about culture, humanity, and society, there is a serious need for censorship. The amount of scenes that depict violent behavior and harmful programs must be reduced to minimize the risks of negative impact on youth (Pollock, 2006). Those who are in charge of the content of programs and movies should try to improve it and to devote more efforts to educate the audience.

Answer 2

Even though the article is quite old, the arguments made in support of and opposed to the movie industry are similar to the ones being raised today. The major supporting arguments are based on the fact that television helps to share information, educate people, and have a look at the world’s beautiful sceneries, mountains, seas, glaciers, and various cultural events without leaving home. The arguments opposed to uncensored television are based on the content that includes the depiction of criminal scenes, sexual scenes, extravagance, and violent behavior that not only disturbs the mind of youth but also teachers them violence. Due to the involvement of large sums of money in the movie and media business, the owners of channels and producers try to show only those programs and content that attract viewers. Thus, they often show violent and uncensored content in an attempt to win the financial profit race (Pollock, 2006). The reasoning behind the arguments is debatable because knowing about crimes through media and movies may help the audience to be prepared to it and to know how to react in various situations. Nevertheless, the depiction of bloodshed and violent scenes may influence the mental health of the younger audience and motivate them to do crimes (Sieff, 2003), which makes the arguments for regulating the movie industry reasonable.

Answer 3

Several arguments mentioned in the article are quite persuasive because they are topical and relevant in the current society. Since they deal with the current state of affairs, I find them to be more appealing. However, due to social and mental changes, some arguments are less persuasive because they are redundant in the today’s world. I find them to be not strong because they were actual 75 years ago, but now they seem to be not important. For example, the argument made in favor of movies and media is more persuasive to me because I understand that people with less resources are not able to travel much, and movies shows them what they want to see, and they may visit the whole world without leaving their homes. Arguments that include figures or concrete names are also persuasive to me because they seem to be more credible. The fact that I am not easily persuaded by all thoughts and ideas means that I try to critically evaluate the arguments presented and form my own opinion regarding various aspects. However, I am more convinced by factual data and statistics because I tend to believe arguments that contain figures.

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