Eating Habits

Our health is dependent on our diet, and these days the diversity of our available food sources allows a tremendous variation in health. Many people choose a lifestyle of convenient quick meals which suits our busy lifestyles, and on the other end of the spectrum some people are also capable of positively affecting their health by eating incredibly beneficial foods. For the average person, a balanced and healthy diet along with being physically active can mean an extended life span, increased energy levels and overall benefit to their lives. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyze my eating habits and to design an exercise plan for the next week.

Part 1

The first part of the assignment requires completing my food diary for a typical day, which is presented in the table below.

Table 1 My typical daily food diary

Breakfast Pancakes with maple syrup, coffee with cream and sugar
Lunch Hamburger and fries, cola
Snacks Twinkie, ice-cream, candy bar, chips, orange juice
Dinner Pepperoni pizza, cola

Moreover, I had to estimate an average amount of food from different food groups I normally eat per day. For this, I wrote down the number of servings of each of them that I have during an average day.

Table 2 My typical daily food intake

  Number of servings
Fruits 0
Vegetables 0
Grains 1
Protein Foods 2
Dairy 2
Fats and oils 5
Sweets 6

Therefore, by analyzing the food I have during my typical day I can conclude that my diet is not very healthy. My results of completing the test 1A showed that my diet lacks proportionality. Evaluating my food intake in the test 2 proves the necessity of making my diet healthier and demonstrates that my calories intake is higher than recommended.

The results of test 2A clearly state that my diet needs some fine-tuning while test 2B results demonstrate the lack of B and C vitamins. Thus, I think that improving my diet would need eating more fruit and vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, protein rich food, and cut down on sweets and the foods which contain fats and oils. I also need to consume more rice, pasta, cereals, and bread products.

Part 2

This part of the assignment includes analyzing my weekly physical activity. I try to keep physically active by going jogging at least twice a week for about 15 minutes and trying to walk as much as possible. However, comparing my results to the table of Physical activity guidelines for Americans, I can see that I need to increase the time of exercising. The most difficult part for me is finding time for exercising; that is why I do not always exercise. However, to overcome this obstacle I try to manage my time in the way that would allow me staying physically active. Moreover, I choose to walk rather than use transport when it is possible.    

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Part 3

 If I was offered $1 dollars as motivation to exercise, my exercise plan would not be much different from the one I already have; however, I would dedicate more time to each of the physical activities. Therefore, my new exercise plan is presented in the Table 3.

Hence, analyzing my eating habits and my physical activity, I realized that I need to bring some changes to my diet to make it more balanced and healthy. Also, I should spend more time exercising. Improving my diet requires eating more fruit and vegetable, dairy and whole grain products, and foods rich with vitamins. Moreover, I need to decrease the amount of fats and oils I have in my food. The amount of exercising I do has to be increased. Furthermore, I need to start doing muscle-strengthening and body-strengthening exercises at least few times a week.

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