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Efforts to Regulate Fast Food and Some Alternatives

In today’s world concept of fast food is becoming very adaptive in almost every society. The phrase given to food that can be cooked and served incredibly quickly is known as fast food and that is a massive issue in many places. In addition, there are several diseases cause by fast food such as, diabetes and obesity because it contains high percentage of fat and calories. For these reasons, avoiding fast food is extremely important to our health.

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Fast food restaurants are exploiting people by providing unhealthy food. People who are addicted to fast food are gaining weight rapidly because fast food restaurants concern about their income only.  Simon (2006, p.68) discovered that the number of fat and calories in salads in some restaurants reach approximately to 660 calories and 50 gram of fat. For instance, a medium size of sandwich contains 650 calories and that without the whole meal. This amount is half of the suggested allowance for a 1300-calorie diet. Moreover, there are some diseases that have emerged with fast food. According to Simon (2006, p.71-75), the food industry finds itself under attack and as a result it tries to determine ways to promote its food as a delicious meal and nutritious when it is no true. Thus, if the industry produces healthy food, undoubtedly it will decrease the number of side effects caused by junk food. For example, the percentage of people with diabetes is going up gradually every year because the components of junk food. Therefore, fast food restaurants should provide healthy food for people.

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The government is attempting to help solve the problem of providing unhealthy fast food in schools. The government will begin a constrain this week to banish Pepsi, French fries and Snickers bars from all schools with efforts to reduce the amount of children who get obese during their years of school (O’Neill, 2006). However, many schools offer full of fatty foods and sweets outside of these programs or have vending machines with sodas and candies. The school often uses the money to finance sports or other additional programs. The legislation would require that all school offerings obey with strict new dietary guidelines.

Fast foods have numerous detrimental effects. Fast food is not rich in digestive enzymes that are needed in our digestive enzymes to facilitate activity through being absorbed by the intestine. They are also associated with obesity, diabetes, heart problems, lack of energy, constipation, lethargy, cancer, poor concentration, among other diseases. Even though they are delightful, they are a threat to human health. Junk foods have high fat contents that are not favorable to the human body. In fact, too much fat blocks the artery, thus, might cause heart failure. Eating junk foods also affect the brain. Fast foods have high levels of cholesterol that negatively affects the body. Fast foods also do not contain fiber that is essential in proper digestion of food. According to recent study, “Fast foods have high calorie levels and they are also rich in fats, salt, and refined sugar that is likely to configure the hormones in a manner that makes one crave for such foods”. It is particularly indispensable to eat healthy food and foods that are rich in nutrients, which are good for human health.

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In short, we must avoid eating fast food because after overall discussion shows that fast food trend causing many hazardous effects on health of almost everyone in today’s world. As it is available from main commercial blocks to gas service stations so it should be banned or at least an effort should be made to ban these junk food servers. Thus, avoiding fast food would result in a healthy society.

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