Benjamin is a chain smoker. He has been a smoker for a long time now. Benjamin, however, does not seem to consider the option of quitting smoking. His health seems to be deteriorating, and I feel that he should have a sense of control over his life at this point. Benjamin’s consistency in smoking secludes him from most activities since he always has the urge to smoke. I work in the same place as Benjamin, and it is my wish that Benjamin would be able to have a sense of belonging both at work and other social events. He has been given a warning that he may lose his job due to excessive smoking and thus lose his economic wellbeing. Therefore, I seek to persuade him to quit his behavior of smoking.

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Both Benjamin and I possess wide knowledge and information regarding cigarettes, smoking and its effects. Given the situational relationship that I have with Benjamin, that is being workmates, it would pose a difficult task to fully convince him, since we are not very close. Benjamin, furthermore, is quite an impulsive and irritable person whereas I am accommodating and patient. We are both, however, willing to give the negotiation a try though Benjamin is more inclined to it due to his fear of losing the job. I need to persuade him within the shortest time possible so that he may reduce such risk of job loss or decide to quit personally.

Benjamin should quit smoking since it has distanced him from the society at large. His spending most of his time puffing on cigarette sticks leads to a consistent decrease in his developmental levels and skills. His smoking keeps people away from him and has caused the loss of many of his friends. It has also resulted in the repulsion of any potential relationships. He currently has no girlfriend and goes back home lonely. This is mainly because of the pungent smell of cigarettes in his breath and clothes.

Benjamin is a bad role model to his colleagues, especially the junior ones. Smoking is considered as a sign of weakness, and this shows that he is not able to withstand negative forces and situations.
Among the limitations of this technique is that Benjamin is well aware of the effects of smoking, but has not made any attempt to quit. It, therefore, appears a little pointless to use the effects of smoking to persuade him. On top of that, the few friends Benjamin has managed to retain are also smokers. This, therefore, makes it even more challenging to persuade him to quit smoking.

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In future, I would aim at introducing the person to friends who are non-smokers. I would allow the person to interact with these non-smokers for some time so that they may get a more personal and defined experience. They would get motivated to quit rather than get pulled down by smoker friends.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Allan is an alcoholic. He has been struggling with his problem for the last three years despite having visited different rehabilitation centers.  I fear for his security as when he drinks he becomes vulnerable to mugging and even engages in physical and verbal fights. He also spends too much money on drinking.  Drinking has made him lose his sense of belonging as his parents have threatened to disown him if he does not stop drinking. Allan is my best friend, and I do not want to see him ruin his life because of alcohol. For this reason, I attempt to convince him to quit this harmful habit.

Allan and I have the knowledge and information on alcohol drinking and its effects. We also know that it is not going to be easy for Allan to simply stop drinking since many other people have tried to convince him to no avail. I am, however, a patient and determined person and will try my best to see that he stops drinking. We have both agreed to try and see whether the persuasion will be effective. If it fails Allan will go back to the rehabilitation center. I also understand that it is not easy to stop drinking immediately that is why we have both agreed that he should stop drinking progressively, but within a span of at least six months.

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Allan should stop drinking because, as the common phrase goes, alcohol impairs your judgment. He is losing too much time and money on alcohol at the expense of more constructive things such as going to work and supporting his family. He has also entered into a lot of debts especially in the drinking joints as he has resorted to drinking on credit.
Allan should also stop drinking because his dignity is being eroded. People no longer view him as a constructive member of the society. He should stop drinking to serve as a good example to his children who look up to him as their role model. He has to do it for the benefit of his children who are being ridiculed by their friends and classmates for having a father who is a drunk and can hardly perform his fatherly duties.

The limitation with this technique is that during the persuasion process, Allan was drunk and is bound to forget what we have discussed. In future, I will ensure that he is sober before we start our discussion.

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