Cold War and Homeland Security


When the World War 2 ended, the world saw a rise of two great powers having means and might to force their respective issues. Both emerged as superpowers in their own right and both had sufficient means to make their wills count. Both the USSR and the USA were ruling two hemispheres of the globe with their share which they considered as their right at the same time. This era was popularly called as the Cold War Era.

Cold War & Homeland Security

As per Riverton, the situation was of great concern to the United States government and establishment. They took drastic measures to cope up with the situation. The formulation of  CIA, FBI and NSA was a part of the elaborate security plan which led the United States to form a networked web for accumulating authentic information by any necessary means. The whole Cold War Era was mostly warm on the political front and unfriendly gestures along with mild threats were a norm for the entire period but this never meant for any of the two powers to lower their guards and facilitate the other to make a move. It was more like a chess game where the one who lost concentration ended up being a loser. The Homeland Security strategies were formulated after a long and hard thought process where CIA was at the outer front defending the American interests, as well as keeping a check on enemy movements while the FBI along with NSA were in charge of the domestic front and were responsible for maintaining peaceful and harmonic society within the borders.


Though things appeared smooth more often than not, it was never easy for Homeland Security and its affiliates to maintain this without going through deep into the enemy territory. This was achieved by means of an effective communication and spy network maintained by CIA and aided by its affiliates through other allies.

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