Relationship between Race and Capitalism


When we look back in the history from 16th century onwards, we find something unique, something that never occurred before in the history of this world. We see a distinct relationship between slavery which was done with a deep intention to formulate a system that was going to be enforced throughout the world once the white supremacy lost its charm. Sound farfetched but history has proved this to be a fact. Not surprisingly, Author and researcher Ronald Tataki has reflected this reality with enough evidence to back up what he thinks as a historic fact (Tataki, 1993).

Old slave workers or modern employees

Look around you and you see the same old trend only to your surprise and dismay, it has modern clothing and backed by modern rules and rights in shape of Human rights Commission, United Nations also at work in shape of monitoring slavery and child labor and many other aspects of the modern world but is this really happening? When we look around the world, we see a strange but similar pattern throughout the world which has accumulated popularity, has grasped the masses in a nonstop 9-5 job dilemma leaving a person with no time to be spent with pleasure either with his family, parents or friends. African slaves were forced laborers who had no say in what they were forced to do.

They were brutally killed and injured while this labor which had no end since there was no time limit for poor illiterate and unaware slaves. This was all set with a deep thought process on the back of which there were plenty of minds and groups were working. History tells us just how the Westerners in general and British in particular were well aware of what they had to achieve in centuries to come. Not only they dominated the planet with their cunning and well planned approach for the most part of three centuries but also devised a contingency plan in case they had to leave their occupied territories.

From China and India to Americas, from Australia to Africa, the British rule never saw a sunset for two hundred years. If one thinks these sharp people were going to leave such a wealth of resources as well as slaved laborers at the mercy of their colonized countries and their slave governments, it is a mistake. Racism was the human part of the beginning of a new system which was later known as Capitalism. The brutality that we witnessed by White rulers who ruled over the African and Asian slaves was about to take a different shape but following the same path and the intention was quite clear, to dominate the world in a different way. Initially they ruled physically which was bad enough, this time they planned to rule monetarily and succeeded profoundly for the most part of 20th century. (Buell, 2008)

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New names, old faces

The system that was needed to control the global system as per their wishes was being planned and developed at the brink of 17th century, when the first bank was made and governed by a famous British banker Rothschild. The Bank of England was a unique model that provided banking services only to elite but gradually these services spread to the commoners throughout the Britain and slowly in entire Europe. This banking system was the foundation of a new monetary system that was about to take control of entire world’s monetary proceedings.

The birth of Capitalism was just around the corner. They planned hard to develop this system that suited their needs, fulfilled their desires to rule the world even when they were not ruling the governments and the sun of their rule will never set unlike what happened after the debacle of WW2. We saw the rise of two such systems in the world. Capitalism was accompanied by the Eastern (Soviet) Socialism or famously known as Marxism. Both systems were fundamentally different and had different dynamics. As most western analysts criticize the Marxist system and rightly so as it was too tight and suffocated for its followers who were deprived of even the most basic needs of daily life and were forced to work hard only for the cause of their country which was far from truth and worked well for a select few people who were close to the rulers (Charm, 2009).

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However, if Socialism was bad, the Capitalism was worse. The system comes bundled with modern terms and concepts but the essence is the same as slavery. The movements like freedom of expression, right of self determination, human rights and many other are being promoted by those who committed the worst crimes against humanity for more than half a millennium. Capitalism is nothing ore than a reshaping of the same age old policy where the strings are in the hands of those bankers who have spread around the word to promote their financial game and keep countries under their economic slavery. This is the real deal and far from rhetoric or fantasy talk. We see so many countries crushing economically under the burden of IMF and World Bank loans and despite the best of their efforts, they cannot pay the interest, let alone the entire loan that was forced on them as if it was the only remaining solution.


Capitalism has added more insecurity to this world than making it secure as claimed by its founders. As a revamped form of modern slavery, it fulfills the same goal under the wraps of modern terminologies as its predecessors. After the arrival of 21st century, there are many countries who have risen against capitalism and have formulated their own banking and financial system. Take China as an example who has developed a unique social financing system that is distinctly similar to a social system but has much solid foundation behind it and is also backed by government/ people’s support.

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A glimpse of what capitalism has done to people and countries throughout the world can be evidently seen in current European monetary crisis where not only the venerable P.I.G.S (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) states are struggling to breathe but the crisis is increasing its reach to other countries which include the founder of capitalism, the Great Britain along with France and others all the way to Sweden.  Racism has been promoted by the same who have enforced capitalism because racism as a policy suits their policies in the longer run. How often have we seen a disdainful attitude in some western countries against Asians or Africans? In fact, this has become a norm in everyday life. Even in sports, this policy of racism has been witnessed over and over which sad to see. The bottom line is that those who have ruled over us had the same intention for us since they followed the policy of “divide & rule” but we must not fall in their hands by showing hatred and intolerance towards each other (Frankenberg, 2009).

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