Organizational Change

The main aim of investing funds in the problem’s research is to find a way to resolve it. Usually, challenges are presented to test a person’s ability to cope with adverse issues. The role of management in any organization is tested whenever management faces changes. The main aim of this paper is to address the challenge of planning during organizational change. Addressing change management is a vitally essential topic as it deals with complex elements of management. Although it is a complex topic, dealing with the crux in this research is of great benefit (Lüscher & Lewis 2008).

The main problem’s analysis will also incorporate a number of other questions. Planning is a major element of management and the manner in which it takes place determines the success of management itself. One of the important questions that will feature in the analysis will be – “What is the effect of planning during change management?”. Other important issues will be derived from the impact of planning on change management (Palmer & Dunford 2008).


I am the organizing manager in a banking institution. Recently, there have occurred a number of changes with regards to the organization. The banking sector is frequently exposed to a number of changes that impact the organization. The bank is about to scale down; this introduces major changes in the organizational setting (Lüscher & Lewis 2008).


The entire management staff have never been involved in such a change. There is little appropriate information with regards to how this situation is to be handled. The change is expected to take place within a short period of time and there has been no prior planning. This change comes at a time when the entire management is in the middle of implementing a growth strategy. Funds for the development strategy had already been allocated. The management faces a dilemma; it must be decided whether they should pursue the growth strategy and implement the scaling down later or scale down and implement the growth strategy later. Each option has a number of advantages and disadvantages attached to it (Palmer & Dunford 2008).

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Analysis of the Problem

The problem deals with the planning element of management. Here, the management is presented with a case where it has to effectively plan the present and the future activities. The management is supposed to come up with a sound plan that will benefit the entire company during the process of scaling down. In the course of such actions, management should choose to pursue the option of expanding before scaling down, as such an approach bears several advantages. Pursuing the growth project first will assist the entire company to reap from the investments that have been injected into the various projects. In the event the company should forego the current projects, a lot of funds will be wasted and much more will be needed for the process of scaling down. This will present a major challenge to the company as it will have to work from scratch and attend to a huge deficit (Isabella 1990).

Scaling down also presents a number of important options with regards to planning. In the event the company should chooses to scale down before undergoing the expansion, there may be a number of advantages it will enjoy. The process of scaling down presents management with a chance to improve its operations. Here, the company will have the opportunity to occupy an extremely favorable position. Through scaling down, the company will be granted with a chance to avoid the sections that are unproductive. This may result in the company saving more resources and starting off with the best members in the entire group. This will result in the optimal minimization of costs and maximization of the revenues and profits (Lüscher & Lewis 2008).

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There were a number of reasons behind the selection of this problem. In any business context, change in inventible. Management is analyzed with regards to how well it is able to respond to certain issues. Change is important in the business and market to the extent that excellent companies are distinguished from good companies with regards to how well they respond to change. Every manager is supposed to be equipped with enough knowledge about responding to change within the organization and planning for change. In selecting this problem, there are a number of parties that were to benefit from it. Managers were the principal group to benefit from this research. Change in an organization is set to affect every individual. For this reason, understanding how to deal with change and its consequences is important for every person who is involved in the organization’s activities (Isabella 1990).


Researching through this problem has been important in two major ways. Professionally, it has helped me to properly comprehend the importance of planning and analysis in managerial tasks. The problem has also been beneficial with regards to my personal life. Here, the problem has taught me of change and how it impacts a person’s life. As a manager, planning for growth has been presented as being one of the major tasks a manager ought to master (Palmer & Dunford 2008).

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