Critical Action Learning Progress Report

Module Work Accomplished

I have managed to complete all the assignments regarding change and crisis management in this module. From the assignments I completed, I think I have gained the necessary skills that will help me manage major changes that may face our organization as we offer advice to clients on investing in private equity investment projects. Furthermore, I learnt how to create a rich picture of our organization. Although it was challenging to accomplish this task, I came to know my contribution to our organization and ways I may adopt in order to improve my contributions.

Learning from the Readings and Team Members

I learnt several things from the readings in this module and as I interacted with my fellow classmates. The article of Caldwell (2003) on the four models of agency made me realize how leaders, consultants, managers and team members are important agents for successful organization change. I was surprised to know that it is important for all managers to seek the services of consultants before they implement a key change in the organization since consultants have more skills and expertise in managing change (Caldwell, 2003). In addition to this, it helped me understand the importance of teamwork in an organization. I came to learn why senior managers should involve junior managers, consultants, employees in change implementation. The article by Van de Ven and Poole (1995) on four models of change helped me realize why an organization changes and the process of change in an organization. From this article, it became clear to me why most organization adopt teleology model when implementing change in their organization structure.

From the article written by Gioia and Chittipedi (1991) on the model of sense making and sense giving in managing change, I learnt why it is important for managers to follow the model of sense making before implementing change in an organization. I also learnt why it was necessary for managers to research on the implications of a particular change to an organization before enforcing it. From the complexity theory by Dooley, it became clear to me on why employees resisted change in an organization (Dooley, 1997). The article by Weick and Quinn (1999) on episodic and continuous change helped me realize on the periods that an organization may experience significant change. As I interacted with my fellow students, I learnt on how to create a rich picture on my organization.

Application of Concepts from Classroom

The literature I learnt from this module has helped me picture several crises that may face our organization as we offer investment opportunities on private equity investments to our clients. Van de Ven and Poole (1995) argued that change was common for any competitive market and that organizations had to look for ways to adapt to these changes in order to survive. From this concept, I knew that it is important for our company to look for innovative products on private equity assets that we will offer to new clients. This will help us improve our corporate image and brand loyalty. I also learnt on how I will motivate my work colleagues to adopt teamwork and consultation in major projects that our company undertakes.

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Additional Reflection

My position in the real picture is that of a regional officer. I am seeking to improve on the speed that I conduct transactions with customers in order to increase the number of customers I handle per day. Other employees will support this proposal since it will help improve customer satisfaction. My understanding and knowledge will provide resource for leadership since I learnt on ways of implementing teamwork during change and thus other employees will support most of the proposals that I suggest.

The key issues that affect my practice are high competition from other investments firms, increase in operational costs and reduction in client base. These problems have affected my practice since they have reduced our profitability and market share. If we do not take action on these issues, we may be forced to retrench some of our employees in order to cut costs, close down some of our branches or spend more money in advertisements in order to improve market share.

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