Innovative Challenges Hindering of Organizational Change

1.1 Introduction or background

Many organizations across the globe are faced by different challenges. These challenges mostly arise during the daily operation of their activities, which may result to heavy cost. Thus, they hinder positive changes that may increase the profitability of a company. In most cases, an organization’s management is blamed for this failure due to lack of proper decisions regarding the daily operations, labor force and technological assistance employed. However, these organizations can easily turn these challenges to advantages through employment of innovation and proper talents (Christensen, 2003). Each organization always has the capacity and capability to employ proper innovation. Therefore, innovation is a vital tool that organizations can use to realize success as asserted by Howells (2005). This paper shall focus on the challenges facing ABC adoption in most Companies and the employment of innovation in solving of the organizational problems.

1.2 Statement of problem

A company faces the problem of maintaining its operations and activities due to lack of the modern technological equipment to transact business. Consequently, the operations are slow, ineffective and unreliable when serving the customers and other stakeholders (Howells, 2005). In addition, the company is also faced with the problem of handling its cost, which leads to high costs every financial year. The company is also challenged with the problem of sourcing for resources. Furthermore, the company also experiences the problem of inadequate experts who play a major role in adoption of innovations and creativity, which is crucial in daily operations of any company, Ellul (1964). Thus, achieving this is very challenging because of the numerous challenges that the organization is facing. Innovation is associated with new technology and procedures that need to be adopted in the organization.

1.3 Specific research questions

1. What challenges hinders innovation in the organization?

2. Is the organization ready to embrace change through innovation?

a) Are there enough experts in charge of the innovation process?

b) Does the company have enough financial resources to manage the innovation?

c) Is the management willing to support change?

3. Why is innovation important for the organizational change?

4. Is the managerial culture having a hand in hindering the change of the company?

1.4 Purpose

The purpose of this research is to find out the challenges facing the organization specifically during the process of innovation. Dee & Brian (2002) assert that for the organization to be innovative, it requires effected change. Thus, establishing the challenges facing the innovation process one shall be able to achieve the desired change making the organization innovative. In addition, it is important to find out whether the innovative strategies that the company wants to take will help in solving the challenges at hand (Tushman & Anderson, 1986). Thus, this paper aims at establishing the challenges facing the organization and it will provide some possible solutions to the problems, which will trigger effective change in organizational operation.

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2.0 Proposed method of research

The basic proposed method is the use of questionnaires. A questionnaire is a piece of paper that contains questions that are meant to be answered by respondents. This is a primary research method that is not only reliable, but also economical. The questionnaire also gives the respondents adequate time to answer each question comprehensively. It  also provide some privacy to the respondents since it give them time to state some facts without fearing loss of jobs for releasing classified information about the company. It less tiresome compared to interviews since the respondents will fill them when they have time to. This is very convenient for the senior personnel who have very busy schedules. Once the questionnaire is mailed to the respondent, the researcher will not be able to change anything on them. Thus, they are inflexible compared to interviews, where the researcher may change, delete or insert forgotten questions (Chaniot, 2007). Thus, the researcher may miss the chance of collecting additional information.  Sometimes, respondents to questionnaires may decide to respond to the questions as they may think. Thus, if the respondents are accurate, then the findings will give a clear picture of the situation. The chosen method is not complicated because it does not require a lot of resources to collect information. Information can be acquired through mailing the questionnaires to the right people who are far away or walking to the places of work and issuing the questionnaires for those who are near (Gratton &Jones, 2010). Though, sometimes they may have low return rate especially when the respondents fail mail them back. Unlike the interviews the researcher may lack the chance of having quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data is the type of data that has numerical values; it involves countable information for instance, ABC company has 200 IT experts while qualitative data is the descriptive data explaining the condition, state or value of a subject like ABC company has experienced personnel (Breakwell et al. 1995). The questionnaire is also unable to provide personalized data to the researchers. Personalized information is the type of information that an interviewer is able to collect from the interviewee through observation and dialogues. Thus, questionnaire is the best primary research method that can be used in acquiring information from 3-5 senior personnel in charge of various departments at the ABC Company.

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3.0 Research findings

The findings are always in bulk thus they need to be curtailed and presented in a clarified design. Therefore, they demand to be used in special statistical tool like tables, chart and figures among others. Therefore, it is advisable that the findings should be interpreted and analyzed through the SPSS computer package, which has most of these features. It also requires proficient computer experts who can convert the findings of the data collected into required statistical information that makes sense to the organization. This will be important for the organization during the implementation

4.0 Perceived Value

This research is crucial to the organization because it will help in solving the challenges that it may face. Moreover, the organization may be able to carry out staff appraisal and consider some minor factors that it may have overlooked and are essential for the innovational process. This means challenges facing the organization can be solved through innovation. Though challenges are part of every organization, ABC Company can overcome them through application of innovative and creative techniques.

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