Definition of Human Computer Interaction

This is the study, planning and design of the interaction between the person using the computer. This is in regarded as an intersection of the computer science, design, behavioral science and several other fields of study. The interaction between the users and computers happens in the interfaces that include the software and the hardware.

Icon that you see every day, and the metaphor behind it

One of the conspicuous icon in the in the computer is windows vista explorer. This is due to its ability to zoom the displayed items in and out. This effect is set with slider that is on the panel on the upper left corner of the computer and it is continuous. This explorer makes use of high-resolution 256x256 icons.

Next great technology

The greatest technology of the future is the wireless technology. The reason behind it success is that it is gaining ground due to its low cost and ease of use. In the field, the wireless equipments such as radios and phones have taken the market in a storm.  A possible practical application for wireless and breakthrough developments that are happening in this field is out to revolutionize the future.

Do you see leading/ bleading technology in the market place now?

The wireless technology is in fact leading the market at this time, this is through the number of advantages that they offer to the customer. Their maintenance cost is low and it is relatively cheap. This has made it phase most of the technology that were initially there that were using wires.

Will that technology survive to become mainstream?

It is true that thus technology will survive to become the mainstream in of technology in future. Its availability has made the people to reach one another conveniently at all time through at a low cost. The arrival of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) has shown that wireless is there to stay, as it is an improvement from the existing wireless networking that uses 802.11 standards. This will be compatible with the previous hardware, increase in the area of coverage where local area network will be changed to metropolitan area network that covers as much as 50km as well as increasing the speed to around 10mb per second that will be coupled with improved security.

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Lessons learnt from Xerox PARC

Curiosity is very important if one is willing to contain the emergence of a certain technology. This is very evident from the video as one comes to learn that Xerox PARC was the initial creator of the first graphical interface in earlier days never to use their creativity to implement the idea. If they could have seen the potential with their idea and with machine like alto at that time, companies renowned such as Microsoft, IBM and Apple would not have existed anywhere in the face of the earth. However, lack of their creativity made people like Bill Gates, Steve jobs Steve Wazniak and Steve Ballmer take the idea to resourceful and tangibles equipments that made the company to eventually collapse.

The business should not be done in closed ended ideas. This made Xerox PARC sell off their idea that would have increased their company through embracing changes. The company according to the video seems to be so much focused in their copier business without the knowledge that was before hand that technology is changing fast. This made other companies that used their ideas to overthrow them using their own idea.

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The company should guard the business idea or otherwise it will be stolen in favor of other people. If the Xerox PARC company would have patent their major breakthroughs that would have made them sell to the willing companies. This would not have made the company be in the current position after all what they had researched in Palo Alto Research Center in California taken by other companies to their own advantages. In fact, most of the personal computers find their invention here.

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