Drug Addiction and Its Effects

Drug addiction is a problem that has persistently grown over the years. Addiction is the dependence on a substance such that one cannot do without it. From the old to the young, men to women, the habit has been continuously growing all over as a disease for many. They all begin with little bits of the drug but it, eventually, becomes an obsession that they cannot rid themselves of. Persistent drug use leads to the development of tolerance. This means that the amount of drug intake that will have an effect on someone gradually increases with prolonged persistent use. It gets to a point where one cannot function without having taken the drug. Here, addiction has now set in. Drug addiction is a social issue that has become persistently destructive especially to young people due to the adverse effects of drug use.

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The major effects of drug addiction in the society revolve around finances, immorality and crime. This is because most of the drug addicts are not responsible and do not act in their own selves. They do so under the influence. As a result, they may even be caught doing shameful acts yet they may not realize the harm that they may be causing. Studies have indicated that most of the assaults claim involving drug addicts is committed in a subconscious nature on the part of the addict. This is because the addiction has taken full control of these individuals. It is extremely crucial that these individuals seek psychiatric help so as to go back to their senses.

Another major effect of addiction is broken families. This is because if a spouse is an addict, the partner may become fed up with all the scenes that the addict creates. This could be the violence that is exhibited by the addict. Others choose divorce so as to prevent this behavior from being instilled in their children. There are also cases of spouses who leave their matrimonial home because of the disrespect that may result because of their partner’s addictions. This has led to a society that no longer believes in the need for bringing up children together as a family (Barnard, 2007).

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Drug addiction has also led to constrained financial situations. This has implications on children whose parents are entangled in these situations of drug addiction. This is because they are denied the opportunity to access good education. In some cases, they are not in a position to further their education since their parents cannot raise enough funds. The government should ensure that each child has access to education. This creates the need to help such children so as not to be disadvantaged because of their parents. It is also crucial that proper educational systems are established in such countries among the affected communities. This would ensure that young adults and school going children are not lured into drugs addiction when they are meant to be in school. This implies that it is important for the establishment of educational centers to cater for such individuals.

These issues of drug addiction need to be viewed from a perspective of both social issue and as a disease. In his article, Leshner (46) notes that it is extremely crucial for individuals to accept the fact that drug addiction is a disease that affects the brain. He is keen to note that it iis curable through the implementation of certain social approaches. However, he notes that the society has a duty to offer support to the addicts. Particularly, he notes that it is vital to appreciate the efforts that the addicts show. This works positively in ensuring that they work more towards reducing their drug use. By doing this, drug addiction will become a thing of the past and it effects will be eliminated from the society.

In 2005, Adelman indicated that he had learnt that many families had become dysfunctional due to substance use. He was particularly concerned about the confessions he had witnessed from the people he had interviewed in the relation to drug addiction and its effects. One of the interviews was with Wise, director of Georgetown University Hospital's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Clinic, in which he confirmed Leshner’s perception of the fact that drug addiction is a disease. He noted that there was nothing like moderate management of drug addiction. However, Wise was quick to note that the recovery from drug addiction requires support from the people around the addict. He also notes that it is crucial to draw the line and if necessary alienate the addicts so that they can the importance of abandoning drug abuse (Adelman).

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In 2001, between April and November, interviews were carried out in a primary school in Thailand on drug use. Throughout the interviews, teenagers recounted of their experiences with drug use. Most of them indicated that they did so out of peer pressure. This is a clear that patients, teachers and the society at large all have a responsibility to ensure that they talk to their children about the effects of drug addiction. This will ensure that they are well informed and they will avert from this vice of drug addiction.      

Drug addiction is a social issue. Placing the blame on parents or teachers is not the solution. On the contrary, unity is required among all the players in order to alienate this vice from the society. It is also extremely crucial to ensure that society tales into consideration that drug addiction is a disease that requires medical attention.

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