Research Proposal


This proposal seeks to outline the challenges facing mentally challenged individuals, and the reasons to assist institution holding them so as to fund for the facilities used. This way, modern facilities will be bought and the patient will heal faster. Also, coming up with an independent agency that is fully equipped with facilities to serve it clients will help in controlling the negative perception that the society have toward these individuals. This will also help in enhancing the patient’s self-esteem and confidence by giving him freedom to freely socialize with other normal people rather than letting them stay in an isolates locked room alone where they see themselves as a burden to the society. The equipment will also be charged with creating and organizing public campaigns with regards to mental illness. These campaigns are meant to educate the general public on mental illness, how to curb it before it is out of hand and how to take scrupulous care of patients with this disorder. This is meant to change the public’s perception about the mentally disorders and increase public awareness. This will also help in motivating the public to lend a hand in the agency’s diligent work of supporting the mentally challenged.


Mental illness can have a substantial impact on the victims and each and every faucet of their life and also the lives of their loved ones. These effects however, differ between people because of the different treatment approaches, the various diagnoses and the seriousness of the symptoms. Mental illness findings or diagnoses bring about added burden of a depressing label. Researches have showed that societies react negatively towards individuals who are mentally ill. The aim of the proposal is to assist in generating funds to cater for medical bill for people suffering from Axis I, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Bipolar and Depression. It has been evident that people suffering from these conditions are neglected in society and something has to be done to make this right.

Executive Summary

Examining the implications of various policies applied by mental institution in offering services to the mentally challenged, I find it tremendously crucial for some policy changes to be implemented for the organization to fully attain its mission of providing quality and safe health care to its clients. Welfare restructuring should be carried out in the organization and put into consideration the social status of those affected, the effects these disorders has on the society, the family of the affected and the patient himself. Focusing on how poverty affects their patients this will help this organization stretch its harms further into helping the poor. As poverty is listed as one of the major causes of Axis I, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective, Bipolar and Depression, this will also help curb causes of this disability hence reducing the se disorders. Putting the society into consideration will help in ensuring that the society is be actively involved in helping these needy people. This is because there are limited numbers of agencies that deal with such health conditions; therefore, drawing a line for people from other states while the agency’s main mission is to help people who are mentally challenged is unrealistic and unfair (Goldman, 1999).

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Technical Information

Mental illness has been in existence as long as human-beings have existed; nonetheless, it came to be defined as a social problem 100 years ago; this is when the scientific researchers understood mental illness. Long ago, mental illness was seen as a trick by the primordial individuals; that a wicked being such as the devil, had the ability to be in command of someone’s mind. Trephination was a procedure in which the mentally ill individual’s skull was fragmented to allow evil spirit to flee. In this operation, a razor-sharp like a stone was utilized to make an opening in cranium, approximately 2cm in diameter. This practice was carried out in the early three thousand to two thousand B.C and has exposed in the East region of Mediterranean and in northern Africa nations. Mental infirmity’s history has developed and has brought forth several ideas from medical doctors through the years and how community at large regarded the mentally ill. There are individual in our society today with the mental illness and its imperative for us people to recognize them and help them get the needed treatment through both prescription and therapy (Capponi, 1999).

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The last policy which is substantial, for the organization to implement so as to facilitate smooth running of its activities is engaging government institutions and departments in carrying out its activities. The organization should encourage the government to come up with policies that consider the mentally challenged as people who also deserve to get access to all social amenities and government benefits. It the government can change how it perceives the mentally challenged, then the whole society will also follow its footsteps. Mental institution should put into consideration that the government has a key role to play in helping private agencies, such as it self provide quality services to their clients. Therefore, before soliciting help from private stake holders, the government should be engaged. Also, involving the government will help ensure that the Act relevant to the mentally challenged is fully implemented hence help these patients (Capponi, 1999).

Management Information

Mental illness brings about grave social problems and not because of the number of individuals affected by it but also because of the straining and the involvements that social institutions go through to look after them. Institution for people with mental illnesses need money to cater for the expenses as well as purchasing modern facilities that would help the patient heal. To eradicate the stigma in society so as to enhance self esteem of patients suffering from mental illnesses. Even though, substantial advances have been achieved in regard to the awareness and treatment of this problem, the negativity and disgrace that surrounds them carry on. For example, individuals who are mentally disturbed may possibly be held responsible for their sickness or at times seen as slothful or reckless. Mental illness can be perceived as being illegitimate than the physical sickness hence leading to unwillingness on the side of the policy-makers and insurance organizations to pay for medication. The public can reject individuals with this illness and avoid staying with them, mingling or even operating with them (Zimmer, 1996).

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Cost information

For these proposals to be implemented, main stake holders and employees have to be involved to the latter. Employees who are optimistic and yearn to always provide quality services to patients should be involved. The community also has a critical role to play in the implementation of these policies, and they should also be in centre stage. The government should also be involved as a stakeholder. Implementing these policies can approximately cost $500,000, considering the fact that campaigns have to be carried out, and new community equipment set up. The fruits of this proposal will be realized when the community’s perception about the mentally challenged changes and they start treating them with respect and dignity. The mentally challenged will no longer be discriminated.


The methodology for this research project will assist in providing information needed to meet the research objectives, and answer the overall project aim.


For this project, sampling will be carried out including all members of the population. This is hugely crucial as it help avoid biased results. For this research, “convenience” and “non-probability” sampling will be used. This research design acknowledges that the convenience sampling method and relatively small size of sample makes it difficult to generalize the study’s results, however, the results will be meaningful as part of an exploratory study, possibly leading to further explanatory research in the future. In addition, limited time, financial and human resources make it unfeasible to employ other, larger, sampling techniques.

Qualitative Data Research

The benefits of qualitative data research are enormous; one of the major benefits of this research method is that is allows the researcher to engage the sources of information both as the audience of the research and as the focus of the research. This ensures an involvement in the subject matter as one can gain knowledge directly from them. This is particularly beneficial for this project, as it will play a significant role in meeting the objectives by making it possible to have an engaged and situated relationship with the subjects and sources of information, therefore, obtaining “real” information and data that will help the researcher get closer to the perspectives being examined.

The Pilot telephone Interview

Considering the size and depth and indeed length of the research we are undertaking, it is wise to undertake a pilot study prior embarking on our main research project. A pilot study (some times called a feasibility study) can be a formidable advantage as it may uncover deficiencies that we may have not otherwise highlighted during the planning of the research. Advantages of a pilot study are firstly to check the validity and reliability of data gathered, secondly to assess whether the number of people on the interview list is sufficient, and they provide adequate answers, and finally to highlight human errors prior to the research. If the research team realized that the results of the pilot study resembled a clear difference with the expectations of the research project then it is recommended that we undertake a second pilot study.

E-mailed questionnaire

Questionnaires will also be included in the qualitative methods, in case of impossibility of interviews or if the interviews do not deliver as is expected. A questionnaire can be defined as a research tool that is made up of a written list of questions that are designed to collect data that can be subsequently used for analysis. Worth noting is in the questionnaire, each person who will receive the questionnaire through email will answer an identical set of questions. This is an important factor that is also beneficial to the researcher as it allows for consistency and more importantly, precision with regard to the wording of the questions as well as allowing for easy processing of answers. Questionnaires will help meet the objective of this project because of the nature of the project; questionnaires are very productive when used to study a large number of respondents. In addition, this project requires that the information provided is straightforward and uncontroversial, a quality that perfectly works with questionnaires because questionnaires are most productive when the information required is both uncontroversial and relatively brief. Further, the respondents of this project are expected to be of fairly good intellect, people who can be able to read and understand the questions asked. This is an indispensable requirement that is also compatible with the effectiveness of questionnaires.

Analysis methods

The data obtained will be analyzed both during and after the collection process. The analysis will be carried out to ensure that key areas of the research are presented to agencies that are willing to sponsor the project. It is not wise to wait until all the data is collected to analyze it, data should be reviewed during collection and initial analyses initiated. After the relevant data has been coded and entered into the computer, the data analyses will be carried out by firstly preparing a plan for analysis. This plan of analyzing data will help in effectively obtaining answers in the research interviews as well as in testing hypotheses to establish if they are supported by the data. Important methods that may be used include frequency distributions, central tendency measures, and dispersion measures.


It is obvious that mental conditions have substantially developed, and we are now living in tome where treatments and qualified physicians are available for individuals suffering from this social problem. These people are supposed to be treated with self-respect just like other sick people so that they can operate in today’s society.

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