The research bases on how prostitution affects the entire world and it expounds on the effects of prostitution. It goes on explaining on how prostitution is spreading in the world and the ways to control the spread. It further explains how prostitution has impacted on some nations giving statistics on how many single parents and emerging number of children with no parents due to the act of prostitution (Richardson, 14). Moreover the paper touches on the diseases caused by prostitution and how it acts as the channel in transmission of diseases in the society.

When Richardson researched on how prostitution is promoted, he discussed on what causes and promotes it. (Richardson, 23). As a profession in some countries prostitution also allows people to engage in extra-marital affairs because some countries law allows it as a profession as seen in the research. The discussion on the other hand explains how different cultures are affected with prostitution to an extent of losing it value and become meaningless especially in new generations. It concludes with the ways used to prevent or abolish it without harming or by considering both parties involved in it.


Prostitution can be defined as performing sexual activity with persons who are not your spouse, with the aim of earning instant cash or valuable materials. Prostitutes may be homosexual or heterosexual. But majorly in history, it is between females and males as their clients. In other words prostitution can be broadly described as the oldest profession in the world; practicing sex in exchange for cash or instant compensation has subsisted across traditions and era from the olden Greeks, to recent scandals rocking the parliament in Britain .according to Hart, a major misconception about prostitution is that women are the majority in prostitution. While the prostitution of women is talked about easily, homosexual male prostitution exists alongside heterosexual female prostitution (Hart, 21). It has been analyzed that both women and men engage in prostitution temporarily or professionally for monetary and economic reasons. Prostitution is subdivisions in the industry of sex .people that engage themselves in prostitution are referred to as prostitutes.

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Causes of prostitution

In his book Anderson explores on teenage and prostitution. He went ahead explaining that, when men attain puberty, sexual intercourse desire is felt strongly, and through his life it continues to be a sensible and ever-present want. As result prostitution arises due to this desire that creates its demand (Anderson, 57). Also Unemployment and poverty has rapidly caused the widespread of prostitution .he professions in this field earn a considerable income for family support and supply a continuous stream of funds transfer from cities to country side or from prostitutes operation abroad. Anderson asserts that women have been lured into prostitution at the expense of decent jobs abroad or in towns. Some are abducted and strained into prostitution. A common factor is family problems and expectation (Anderson, 57). This is a reason for prostitution business indulgence by many people particularly women are forced to cater for the education of their siblings. Other aspects like continuous exploitation from parents have contributed to the adolescent eloping from their homes and lured by the instant and easy cash from prostitution.

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Effects of prostitution

Morgan explains how Prostitution may affect the society in many different ways prostitution is not only a crime related to sex; actually it can cause violence and more crimes along the streets. Saloons were long known for liquor and beautiful women. It poses great threat to the society. By providing sex for cash, prostitutes are able to give good time to women and men. Today prostitutes provide their services not only for money, but for many other favors. Drugs are also attributed to the continuous spread of prostitution (Morgan, 61). It is so unfortunate that when buying a prostitute, many people do not consider the outcome street sex prostitution like sexually transmitted diseases, violence, thefts, infidelity and other crimes.

Most women and men have come across sexually  transmitted infections without caring .many std infected persons don’t prefer a sexual encounter with their partner, instead they prefer a prostitute to ease heir sexual frustration since it is most likely to hem that that they will never meet again. The prostitute then sleeps with other people thus infecting them. Sexual partners who innocent wives and husbands become sufferers of STD’s which are life are threatening.

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Additionally, many women and men, purchase prostitutes without caring about their spouses feelings back at home and more especially if they happen to find out. Recently the society is handling a higher percentage of divorce cases than before (Morgan, 61). Among others, violent crimes are considered to be a severe effect. Most prostitutes fall a victims of rape, some killed and beaten over many years and this trend continues day by day. Prostitutes are considered vulnerable, weak .slowly prostitution is taking over many cities and streets. When prostitutes stalk and set up a corner, in a short while, the street turns to a ring of prostitution and full of crimes and violence, theft, rape, and more crimes which are heinous. According to researchers, sex work legalization promotes unlawful industries like human trafficking. Other findings indicate that some businesses cover for planned crimes together with women trafficking and drugs. Increased rate of prostitution has made it difficult to examine the reasons as to why humans are taken crossways the borders (Morgan, 61). Most traffickers taking women in to the prostitution industry, use the occupation permit disguise the truth that they are trafficked and trained to express themselves as autonomous migrant sex workers.

Impacts of prostitution

One major impact of prostitution is imprisonment. a good number of  imprisoned women are locked up for offences related to drugs or prostitution. Since the dawn of hiv/aids, many states in the US have passed legislation that entail compulsory testing of HIV of convicted hookers. This rule has generated appalling forms of the oppression of the state of prostitutes who are HIV positive. Prostitution criminalization makes it complicated for hookers to be firm on use of condom with their clients thus increasing their likelihood of infectivity. On the other hand, prostitution decriminalization allows the prostitute to practice safe sex, and ultimately, decrease rate of infection.

Over the recent past decades, the southern hemisphere countries have knowledgeable growth in   children and women trafficking for prostitution purposes. The sex industries are currently major industries. They generate extraordinary profits and sustainable rigid inflow of currency. They are considered as essential in a number of countries economies. However, the children’s and women ` s status has deteriorated seriously they have become unrefined assets in the international and national trade.

The spread of prostitution globally

According to Gordon, About 300 million dollars, yearly is transferred to families in the rural areas by women practicing prostitution in the cities. In most cases surpass the funds of development programs funded by the government. In Thailand, 75000 children are prostitute and about 400,000 children below 16 years work in clubs and bars assert Gordon. There exist 300000 individuals in prostitution and supplementary sex linked business (Gordon, 97). In the Asia pacific, during the green rice season, farmers experience shortage of money. This happens to be the leading period for girl hunting in hill and rural tribes. In the states, 6338 site provide work for 38525 employees attracting 36473 patrons yearly. In Thailand there are 1-2 million individuals in the sex commerce. Statistics show that people betrothed in prostitution per category of institution o sex business; in cafes 5229, in parlors of massage 5743 in beer bars 5155and 1936 in gay bars.

 This is a nationwide survey in1998 January. The ministry of public health deters fight as prostitutes disappear. 0.5 Million women engage in sexual slavery. This is according to the leader of the program of international drug control. The annual census of the sex industry indicates that prostitutes declined to 64886 in 1997 from 86494 in 1990.the major cause of HIV spread in most countries are men using women in prostitution (Gordon, 97).  Often, young boys experience their first sexual intercourse in brothels. Generally men who are grown up purchase prostitutes

According to True man, today, individuals visit the internet to watch child pornography and hardcore pornography and they desire to purchase a prostitute. In the event of decriminalization or legalization of prostitution, a culture is created. This culture negatively affects not only the prostituted women but also all women existing in the traditions. Normalization of prostitution has mad it ordinary to people. Children walk along brothels when going to schools. The owners of brothels are outlined in decent journalists as role models. They are scheduled in stock trade bazaar .sex; according to prostitution culture is taught to men and boys to be; penetrating a female who is alienated to endure (Gordon, 97).  As the industry of legalized prostitution expands, it manipulates different parts of life making it difficult to visualize how a traditions sociable to women would appear.


To conclude on my research, prostitution has been an act that results negatively to the persons involved. The research has explained how it affects the global world and the ways to avoid it. Mostly is a business that one aims to earn money and at the end of it all the results are harmful to the persons involved. On the other hand prostitution has been employment due to lack of employment. Each and every government should find solution to these by creating employment and helping the needy who engage in it for upkeep.

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