Education in America

Most students prefer to study in America due to its education system. This is because this system allows students to express their ideas during the learning process. In addition to this, it allows students to use creativity, and this enhances their learning process. America has many world class institutions that include Harvard, Yale and Stamford University. The high quality of resources in these institutions makes certificates and degrees from this country marketable in most countries. This essay mainly focuses on why the education system in America is decent. It also shows why some people criticize the education system in this country.

The education system in America is of the high quality, since most employers all over the world recognize degrees offered by institutions in this country. This is because these institutions have several examinations and governing bodies that help to ensure that all institutions in this country meet all standards required for quality education. Examples of these governing boards include Harvard Board of Oversees that governs Harvard University, Regents of the University of California that governs University of California and Board of Governors governing University of Florida. In addition to this, most schools in the United States are accredited, and this makes them offer degrees and certificates that are recognized all over the world. This is because they have qualified teachers and learning materials and, thus, this makes them produce well-trained professionals. Due to this, most employers prefer hiring staff from American education system because of the strength of their degrees and certificates.

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The education system in America is superior, since it offers flexibility in its curriculum. Students attending learning institutions in this country have the option of choosing when to attend classes. This enables students to plan their time appropriately and, thus, they are able to work and study at the same time. In addition to this, students are given an option of choosing when to take their exams. Students are given the opportunity of taking their examinations at the end of a particular unit or at the end of a semester. Moreover, students are also given an option of choosing on how many classes to attend per semester. They are also given an option of choosing additional subjects that are not part of their curriculum. A student may be studying political science. This student may be given an option of studying economics in Asia and combining it with political science. This shows how flexible the curriculum in this country is.

American education system is decent, since most institutions offer work and study programs. University of Toronto and Ohio State University offer this program, where students are given an opportunity to work in their campus as either full-time or part-time employees. From doing several tasks at the university, students are paid on varying hourly rates depending on the technicality of the task that they perform. This helps students to pay for their tuitions and other expenses that they incur during the learning process. This program is beneficial, especially to international students, since they get practical work experience in their curriculum related employment, since they get an opportunity of working with famous companies in the United States. Furthermore, they are able to know challenges that they may experience while working as professionals in United States Companies.

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The education system in America is also superior, since it has world-class institutions. Examples of these institutions are John Hopkins, M I T, Harvard, Stamford University, Yale and University of Pennsylvania. These institutions have many international students and, thus, students studying in these schools are able to learn different cultures. In addition to this, well-trained professors teach students, and this improves their skills as they practice different careers. These institutions also have excellent technology equipment that includes computer labs with latest computers, labs with latest scientific equipment and libraries with exhaustive research materials. Due to these resources, students are exposed to quality learning materials and, thus, this makes them qualified professionals in different career fields that they pursue.

The education system in America is also beneficial, since it offers support to foreign and international students pursuing degrees in this country. Most institutions in America offer English as a second language programs in an attempt of improving the English proficiency of foreign students. Moreover, some institutions have international student’s advisors who help international students to learn the culture of the American people. In addition to this, these advisors help in offering the academic orientation to new students. Harvard University has an office known as Harvard International Office where foreign students are offered advice about their visas, health insurance cover and taxes that they are supposed to pay to the American government. Moreover, institutions in the United States support foreign students by helping them in the selection of academic courses and evaluating their academic performance. Some institutions also offer financial support and accommodation to foreign students who may have challenges in meeting their financial needs.

However, several people criticize the American education system due to several reasons. According to research conducted by several researchers, about forty-four million Americans cannot read or write, despite undergoing the American education system. In addition to this, most of public schools in America are poorly managed. In 2000 and 2001, about 163 schools opened without a principal and, thus, there was no one responsible for running affairs of these schools. Furthermore, research revealed that some public schools in America had poor facilities that exposed students to health risks. About 10 percent of public schools in America had enrolled more students than their capacity. Due to this, teachers could not react to personal needs of each student due to the enormous number of these students. Some schools are also forced to convert toilets into classrooms, in order to deal with the large number of enrolling students. In some instances, the education in America fails to recognize specific needs of different students. Evidence has proved that some instructors always blame students for failing in certain subjects, instead of recognizing that these students may be slow learners. Furthermore, at some schools, teachers fail to attend classes and they are not accountable for most of their actions.

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To conclude, the education system in America is decent. This is because most employers all over the world recognize degrees offered by institutions in this country. Most institutions in America are accredited and have experienced governing bodies that help to ensure that high quality education is maintained in these institutions. In addition to this, institutions in this country offer flexible curriculums that enable students to study and work at the same time. This is because students are given an option to choose the number of courses they will undertake, days of the week they will attend classes and the convenient time that they will do exams. Furthermore, most universities and colleges offer work and study programs where students are given an opportunity to work in institutions where they study. This helps students earn extra money in addition to improving their professional skills. This system also supports foreign students. However, some critics argue that this education system is wrong, since it has not succeeded in eliminating illiteracy in America. Moreover, it does not pay attention to students with specific needs.

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