St. Croix

St. Croix is the largest island of the Virgil Islands. In 1493 Christopher Columbus landed on St. Croix. It was occupied by the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish. In 1754 Denmark occupied St. Croix and established the Virgin Islands as a Danish colony. The USA purchased the colony in Denmark and changed the name to the Virgin Islands in 1916 (Virgin Islands Vacation Guide & Community; United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism).

St. Croix is considered a real touristic paradise. The divine nature, exotic and unique places, festivals, and entertainments attract tourists from different parts of the world.

Places of Interest

St. Croix is famous for its Buck Island Reef National Monument, which includes the north part of the island and surrounding reefs. It became a national park in 1962. This area is considered one of the most exotic and beautiful marine underwater monuments. Buck Island is famous for its white sand beaches, marine life, and coral gardens. It is a wonderful place for snorkeling. In the waters of the park there are many unique corals and more than 100 species of fish that are really worth seeing. Having a snorkel and mask, every person can observe the most unique underwater world in all the Caribbean. It is worth mentioning that giant leatherback and hawksbill turtles nest in this area (Virgin Islands Vacation Guide & Community; Porter & Danforth, 2009).

Cane Bay is a favorite place for scuba divers because just a few hundred meters off shore the unknown underwater world opens its gates to everyone who is eager to see it.  

Salt River Bay is a unique and picturesque area. It is worth stressing that Salt River is the only place, which belongs to the USA, where Columbus landed on his way to the New World. Nowadays, the place of Columbus’ landing is the Salt River Bay National Historical Park as well as Ecological Preserve. Tourist can observe a lush mangrove forest, which is the largest one on the Vergil Islands.

There are many historical spots hat should be visited, for example, Fort Frederik and Christiansted National Historic Site. Fort Frederik was built in the 18 century by the government of Denmark to protect the western part of St. Croix from various incursions. The fort is named after Frederick V of Denmark.

Christiansted National Historic Site is situated on St Croix. It consists of five preserved structures that represent the Danish way of life from 1738 to 1917.


The most famous festival of St. Croix is the Crucian Christmas Festival. It is celebrated since Christmas to the beginning of January. This festival is rich in cultural traditions and history of St. Croix. There is a food fair visiting which tourists can taste local Crucian food (

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The Food and Agricultural Fair or Agrifest is celebrated in the middle of February. It is the largest agricultural exposition organized in the Virgil Islands. It always takes place in the Rudolph Shulterbrandt Agricultural Complex (

It should be mentioned that Jump-Up takes place in the streets of Christiansted several times during a year. It is one of the most favorite events either for locals or visitors. The streets are overcrowded, and everything in the town is at people’s disposal. Live music and Mocko Jumbies are inseparable parts of the festival. The Moko Jumbies are believed to keep off evil spirits (

Every month the event called Sunset Jazz takes place on the beach of Frederiksted (United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism). In the evening, when the sun is going to set, musicians play their mysterious music that wafts over the waters of the Frederiksted harbor.

In conclusion, St. Croix is one of the most luxurious places of the Virgil Islands. Without any doubts, everyone who has ever visited this island will try to come back here again.

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