Facilitation or Bribery

It is the brutal fact, cultural and ethical differences are seemed everywhere. No wonder these disparities are varying country to country and culture to culture. In this case, Jed who is the director of the Geletex, inc. Company had found brutal facts related with code of conduct, standards and other organizational issues. Basically, he wants to increase company business globally. Facilitation or bribery case study is especially highlighting the core matter of the cultural and ethical values. It is important to follow cultural values in the business world. This case is focused on the journey of the Geletex, Inc. Compliance director Jed. In this topic case study, different ethics and cultural violations are given that may in practice. Business operations are running on these wrong moral practices. It is important to find out the finest solution and safe the market dealings. The United States business functions are differing with other countries business functions. Jed starts his journey from Lima, Peru office and found that corruption is at peak and sales persons are earning high commission. Unfortunately, bribery is violating his company policies. Later than, Jed visited at Stockholm, Sweden, company office and discovered new facts. Employment is not done on the basis of merit, big people and government officials are preferred and selected only. They were hiring to their relatives and politicians nephews. Tented students are not motivated and neglected at the time of hiring in their office.

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When fed visited at Bombay office, he has found bribery hits the highest point. At Bombay office, he identify that, additional payment is an important element to do work faster. Jed identifies that the international code of conducts are broken by the bribery.  After reviewing this case, many questions have been raised like, why other countries rules are different than United State rules? How Geletex, Inc operations will survive in future? Does any step may save the company standards? Actually fundamental morality is an important element for the business dealings. Different cultures have different morals. Ethical relativism is very important; they create discrimination between right and wrong. Different principals are being followed to comply with the ethical and cultural practices. Cultural standards are being formulated by the universe.

Nobody can change it or modify it; it is defining and differentiating right and wrong practices. Many cultural practices are following by all nations, like don’t speak lie or don’t steal something etc. It is important to deal with moral values at the market place. Don’t cheat anybody for your own cause is the biggest moral lesson that must be followed by all market practitioners. There is the big difference in the legal right and human right. (Beauchamp, Bowie & Arnold, 2008).Legal rights may more or less same at everywhere but human rights may not discriminate. According to the new U.S laws, Human rights are mandatory for all business personals. To comply with ethics are the main responsibility of the organizations.  Business values are evaluated by market practices; it is seemed beyond the fact and situations. What is good and what is bad, is decided by the moral values. Everyone is bound with the universal ethics. Here is no standard mention; just they are given for all.

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Now the question is do any of the offices actions violate the FCPA? According to the foreign corrupt Act (1977), whatever we do is exist in the moral values. In this case, Jed is well aware with all compliances and foreign corrupt Act (1977) international laws. When he identify, everyone is violating his company ethics, he has decided to resolve it. It is vital to resolve this issue, because it is against the market practices. In the foreign country, everyone is considering its immoral and unethical to do something wrong. Foreign corrupt act is followed by different cultural problems; it deals with all corrupted and bribery issues. It is useful in controlling and commanding the nation from unethical practices. After that, another question is raised in our mind, How Geletex, Inc operations will survive in future? Violation of the company standards are causing of disturbed nights of Jed Richard. Increasing in the expenses is creating trouble for the company financial health. High expenditures are showing the low profits and earring insufficient revenue of the company. This situation can be vulnerable in the near future, if didn’t rectify the problem at the right time. Jed wants to take timely decision that may saves his company condition and gives sufficient benefits.

In Indian offices bribery is very common, they are paying extra amount to do their work efficiently and swiftly, that may increases in the company cost. Increases in the company expenditures may create trouble for the company financial health. Same situation is being found in the Sweden office, they are hiring an inefficient worker that increases wastages and company expenditures. If they hire eligible and qualified workers, they may prove asset for the organization. According to the international business ethics research paper, business strategies are very important to comply with overall cultural values. In this research paper they have highlighted the importance of the business ethics. Different organizations are dealing with this ethical issue. Corporate strategies are being formulated to deal with these issues. In different cultural and ethical differences, researcher had identified different disparities’ between ethics and cultures. International business ethics are being developed and get extraordinary place in the business world. (mahdavi, 2009)


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Jed Richardson is giving training to the employees for correct reporting. Parent company operations are functioning at United States, but business is successfully running at all over the world.        It is important to speak truth and honestly behave with others. Many people are spending millions of dollars in advertisement in selling expenditures. This is wrong practice; if you are honest and your product is reliable then you don’t need any king of fake advertisement and promotions. Now the question is that how we can do business in the market without speaking lie and without using marketing tactics. Deliver the perfect information to your customer to create long lasting relationships.

For future growth, it is very important to deal with truth. Many norms are God-given; we have to follow then at any cost. It is particularly design for nationwide peoples. Many things are considered right in one state, but not consider same at another place. Like bribery and corruption is common in India but illegal in United States. Geletex Inc. is the multinational firm; huge number of human resource is working in it. Its overall management is divided and organized by the state. Employee’s salary must be adjusted and standardized. It is important to give equal opportunity to all individuals. To create equality it is significant to take timely and correct decisions for hiring. Human resources are the blood of an organization, if it is recruited properly at the right time than many problems can be solves before it’s arise. Moreover, Geletex Inc should protect their employee’s rights. It is significant to retain loyal employee. Take care of personal human rights and follow moral ethics properly by providing healthy and safe working environment.

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