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Opportunity Meets Preparation

Success is when opportunity meets preparation, though it may be human ability to be prepared in all aspects but opportunity comes through pure luck. However, still what guarantees that one is able to get as near as possible to the numerous opportunities that lie in the journey of life? It is being at the right place at the right time. I may be able to prepare myself fully, equip myself completely with all the necessary tools, knowledge and skills, that are required for me to excel in my education but if I am not at the right place at the right time, I may still remain be unsuccessful despite of all the hard work done.

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University of Maryland is that right place where being at the right time will bring success for me in my education and ultimately in my profession. Maryland is that hub of opportunities where one may just need the right mix of ingredients in order to get the recipe of success. I am, currently enrolled in a university in the Criminology department, and am looking for a transfer in the University of Maryland. The reason maybe extensive but in a nutshell I look forward to this place as the sole source of opportunities from where I can build my life, my career and get ahead with my aim of working with CIA.

Life at Maryland is not all about attending the class and getting good grades, instead they work towards the personality building of each student through different activities, societies and facilities that they provide. Moreover, Maryland has got such a diverse community that it serves as a best place of learning as people of different perspectives, ideas and energies come together at single place, for every student it is a great learning tool. It is not just a place to learn but a great place to live as well and living well is also a necessary learning for us. From its residence hall to the sports teams, from its pools to health club, and from different societies to different organizations, Maryland has it all. It nurtures and nourishes an individual in its true essence giving every possible help and every possible opportunity to grow.

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Moreover, Maryland is ranked in top 10 universities of U.S and is also internationally acclaimed for its various programs and disciplines. It has got not only international students but also have international partnership across the globe, this gives a wider opportunity for students to travel and learn. It is yet another reason that Maryland comes as an obvious choice in the minds of prospective students.

Being a part of Criminology department I have always vowed to complete my degree from a place that gives maximum exposure to the students especially when the discipline is so demanding and interactive. The department of Criminology has grown as the most popular one on the campus and its doctoral degree has been ranked as number one in U.S. what else could any student of this discipline will be looking for? Nothing more than graduating from Maryland so that not only true knowledge can be obtained but also a true brand name can be associated with so that professionally the student may not find hard to land anywhere for a proper job and career. With a high profile faculty, and research staff Maryland gives the best to its student of criminology.

I see Maryland in helping me attain my dreams, my dream of being the best in the field of criminology, my dream of working with CIA, my dream of being internationally acclaimed. This seems to be a right place for me to be. Looking at the profile of the faculty and learning about all the graduates of Maryland’s criminology department I see myself as being one of the successful ones who are able to work with CIA. In addition to the helping faculty and staff one more positive aspect of studying at Maryland is that they also give proper attention to the research and internship and because of its strong ties with various other organizations Maryland is able to send its students to various organization for working and learning experience which adds value and confidence in the personality of the student as a whole.

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Thus, to be the best I have to be at the best place where the best people can help me to get and maintain the best of Criminology education and the best of my career. Being at Maryland just ensures success; it builds a strong portfolio for any student that may help her achieve the set goals and so Maryland comes as an obvious choice for me.

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