Importance of Variety in One's Offering


It is very important for one to offer a variety of products/services since it increases sales as one is able to capture a lot of consumers from across the market and this will avoid them from moving to the competitors. However, for product variety to be successful one has to consider strategic decisions. This strategic decisions enable the seller to be able to offer its product at low costs into the market since the customers have a variety of that goods in there disposal, they include;

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  • The dimension of variety a company chooses to offer the market in terms of goods and services
  • The product architecture
  • The nature of the customer interface and the distribution channel
  • The degree of vertical integration and location of production
  • The process of technology

The company must consider the above to avoid backfire of having a variety of products. When a company has a variety of products in its offering; the decision maker who is the customer has a chance of making an optimal choice since they have a great number of options. Having a variety of products is important since there is an ability to seek a diversity of options over time for the customers, it satisfies a customer’s internal desire for change and hence the customer does not have to look further to try out a new product but in the same store hence a hike in sales, (Huffman, 2000).

Toyota for example has a variety of products in its offering from personal cars to business cars. A customer looking for a car can always browse through the available cars and get something that fits him/her, this way no customer can leave the Toyota showroom without getting a car of his choice. This makes Toyota sell more and builds a brand for the company.

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