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Multicultural Curriculum in Europe

In the recent past ethnic conflicts has become rampant in many places in the world. It has also been realized that corruption, nepotism and other unethical issues in the world are linked to ethnicity in one way or another. Europe as a continent is not an exemption. This has attracted the attention of many and solution has to be provided.

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One of the ways to unite all the ethnic groups in a certain place is introduction of multicultural curriculum. This is a curriculum that looks at things from all perspectives in terms of different ethnic groups. Research has shown that this is very important since the students who will have undergone through the system will be in a position to work at different parts of the world and his/her ethnicity will not be a factor. With the knowledge of the other peoples culture there will be peaceful co-existence and the unethical behaviors and bias based on ethnicity will end or reduce completely in the continent, (Christophe, 2012)

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Europe has 87 different ethnic groups and 33 out of the 87 are the minority. It has been noted that London which is the largest city in Europe is the city that receives lots of visitors in the world. These people come from all over the world. With this then there is need for the multicultural curriculum since all these people need to have conducive environment to live in. Europe in general has around 750 million people, (Cole, 2011).

In conclusion, with the multicultural curriculum students will be creative and broad minded and this is what the continent wants for increase in productivity and peaceful co-existence. This will reduce unethical cases and it will make the continent a better place for any one regardless of your ethnicity. This will even increase even the number of visitors in the cities of the continent and the continent in general.

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