Throughout the whole history of the 20th century scientific and technical progress made a considerable impact on the development of creative methods, production technologies of films and economic efficiency of motion picture industry. A great interest of consumers to a cinema firstly as to a technical novelty, and then as to an art form allowed the given branch to become a high-grade sphere of economy.

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The experience of the previous ten years of the Paramount Pictures Corporation testifies that the films created by means of the newest production methods have the greatest cash success. Earlier this factor was not so much importnat for the spectator, and, on the contrary, it was characterized by a fashion for asceticism of means. The tendency of the use of the recent technological achievements is observed in Paramount Pictures Corporation. The use of the modern computer technologies made a huge profit for the Paramount Pictures Corporation in 2010 (the market gain made 41 %).

The interests of the American and European spectators are similar. It is proved to be true due to the presence of identical films-favourites, and predilection for the entertainment genres. It is characteristic that dominant positions in the world films distribution are occupied by the American films, especially produced by the Paramount Pictures. The company is the leading one in the world according to the technical parameters especially because of the use of such modern computer technologies.

Modern effects are no means always directed at the creation of entertainment shots. Computer processing is used by the Paramount Pictures Corporation for a color correction. It is a question of not only alignment of a color palette, but also of a full repainting of the whole material.

CGI technology means “the pictures generated with the help of a computer”. This technology is widely used by the Paramount Pictures Corporation. This technology helps to produce three-dimensional graphics.

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CGI technology allows creating such effects which cannot be made only with the help of traditional make-up and animation; they can also substitute decorations and the work of stunt men.

For example, the film “Iron Man” produced by the Paramount Pictures is characterized by a hypertrophied gamma. This work 1.5 times increased the production budget of this picture, but it brought a brilliant esthetic result. One of the Kodak’s divisions developed the program for the restoration of a color of old documentary pictures for the Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Thus, high technologies substantially democratize motion picture arts. Today practically everyone, having mastered the video modeling software, can realize the ideas in the art form using own potential.

In conclusion, it should be said that the American company which is engaged in film production and distribution the Paramount Pictures Corporation is located in Hollywood, the State of California. Now this company is the oldest American film studio (older only Danish film studio Nordisk Film based in 1906). The owner of a film studio is media conglomerate Viacom. It is remarkable that the Paramount Pictures Corporation has declared recently that it became the first studio whose incomes in 2011 composed more than 1 billion dollars.

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The Paramount Pictures Corporation has a long-term plan of studio in Hollywood. It consists in the purchase of 62-acres of the land which will allow the corporation to conduct a modernization of a current studio, and also invest money in manufacture of a hi-tech film and means of television manufacture.

In total, for the whole duration of the project about $700 million will be invested in Los Angeles; predictably, it will generate $3.1 billion in economic production during 2012. The predicted capital investments should create about 7 300 workplaces for building and 12 600 workplaces after manufacture will start.

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