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Power Creates Enemy

Leaders are expected to have outstanding characteristics that will make them to gain respect from the community. This distinctiveness’s include, being honest, Intelligent, courageous, and treat all people fairly without being bias. Leaders face great rejection if they do not meet their people’s expectations (Raum, 2007).  For example, the family members and the friends expect to be favored by their relative who is a leader in one way or another. They expect to be set free even at the times that they have done great mistakes that highly demand harsh punishment.

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In case the leader decides to stage-manage his community, he can at times find it intricate to choose between power and making his people happy. A wise leader is the one that treats all people equally -his family members, friends and all the other community members. Leaders should be aware that treating some people in any exceptional manner brings about inequity feelings amongst the community members (Nixon, 1982). As usually, the family members expect to be treated in a special manner compared to others but   a true leader should be able to overcome such assumptions for the sake of his society.  Power brings about enmity between the leader and the affected person. In case, a leader punishes a person, that person may decide to form a feeling of resentment against the leader.

Power also creates enmity in occurrences when the leader stops meetings his friends as they before. People lack to understand that this person is busy serving the whole community and not only his family although in some cases some leaders  change their personality and “class” thus change their  friends  and have new ones who are in his new category. As a result the old ones start having an ill feeling towards him and end up forming repugnance feelings against him for overlooking them once he has prospered.

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Other times, a leader can find that there are existing misunderstandings between him and his opponents in rule due to their dissimilar propagandas. As a result, the two teams can end up having various arguments thus tarnishing one’s name to the populace to make the other appear like the bad person. Misuse of authority is another reason that can bring about enmity for those in power. If a leader is a dictator and a person who exploits people by forcing them to do the odd jobs at low wages, the maltreated people will definitely form a grudge against him and automatically hate him for his ill actions (Fern, 2004).

Some years back, a good friend of me was appointed as the security minister in my country. The mother was very much keyed up by the new status of his son. The mother had been known as a good and responsible woman.  One day her cows had crossed over to the neighbor’s garden and feasted on her crops, when the neighbor called at her and asked her to take her cows from the garden, she arrogantly asked her to calculate the money that she had invested in that garden and she will pay her cash (Bennis, 2004). The neighbor told her that she really did not know how much it was worth but she did not intend to make her for the damage if she was willing to take the cows from her garden. The neighbor was very much astonished and reminded her to have in mind where God done for her in her life.

The woman went back to the house, took a sword and threw it at the neighboring woman accidentally, the sword chopped of the right hand of the neighbor. She was astonished to see the damage that she had caused and immediately called her son to inform him of the case. The neighbor went and reported the case to the police (Abramson, 2002). At this time the son was ultimately confused on what to do. If it were you what would you have done to save your mother?  Would you allow her to be jailed when you had a chance to save her? .The son did not want to be seen by the rest of the village as unfair so he left the decision to the authority the mother was jailed for three years, she was equally disappointed in her son. “I carried you for nine months, took care of your and sacrificed the good things to have you achieve your dreams but once you have succeeded you can’t help me……. “  . Those were the words of the mother as she was being taken to jail. The son failed to meet her mother’s expectation.

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Leaders should always have admirable characteristics and always treat all those under his sphere of rule equally without considering the relationship that could be associating them with those people.

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