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The paper shows how the Rr2v calculator will be used by 7-11 years old children in developing their skills in learning mathematics (Glover, 1998). Mathematics is a subject which requires the child to offer his concentration fully to the teacher during class work. It also demands a lot of practice from the child so as to retain the concept taught to him in mind for a long time. As a result, children may find this as a intricate subject which is so demanding and may at times develop a negative attitude towards this subject. Many have fallen victim of poor grades in schools since they really do not love what is taught in this subject (Kitson, 1997). This issue has attracted the concern of many amongst them being scientists who have tried to invent calculators which can be used by the students so as to help them have an easy time when per taking their calculation. In a way this act has still not helped much since these students still miss the concept required in this subject. Either because they have a low memory or they were not attentive enough when the teacher was teaching in class. The children between this age brackets are always interested in relating with others and therefore they will be in a position to embrace this device. Moist o their time, they keep themselves busy, full of enthusiasm and active, characters that reflect how well the device will be put into practice. They keep themselves very busy trying too much too much to develop new things. Children at the age of eight years recognize failure and are normally sensitive to criticism (Wray, 1995). This assures that the concentration that these kids will be having will be very high while using this device. Children between seven and eleven years enjoy spending a great deal of their time having discussions. For this reason they will maximize their opportunity of having the Rr2v calculator. Nevertheless, Rr2v calculator should be made carefully in a way that it cannot injure the children. This is because these children are very active (Peirce, 2008). They are normally prone to so many accidents.


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Interaction design and the Rr2v calculator

Interaction design brings about growth in way of life whether it’s through economic or cultural functions. Rr2v calculator will entail determining how children age 7-11 interact with the device while trying to solve mathematical equations and communication. It gives the parents what the child has learnt in school thus easier means of revision. Rr2v calculator will determine the value it will have toward the child and quality of service it will bring out when obtaining end results. Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives with interaction through networking that is bringing linkage between machine in order to operate effectively thus a teacher is able to know what each kid is doing while still seated in his chair. Network will converge and will bring interaction between one object to another. Through interaction design experiences will be shaped when they take place at any given moment.

The world right now is filled with twelve or more computer chips for each and every man, women and child on the world. For instance by the time four year old leave school, the world will have obtained ten thousand of chips for every human being alive. Interaction design will influence the kind of life a child lives. The main comparison between physical products and communication services is experience not things thus when the child is well aware on how to operate rr2v calculator the experience will guarantee proper solving of problems. Interaction design deals with processes that are immaterial and services that are able to adapt to individuals needs and preferences. Through development of this rr2v calculator new models will be introduced to the children to deliver these services and experiences. Each individual in the development world is specializing to bring new vital subject and roles that will enhance technology in the market. Interaction design is in a position to drive innovation, shape agenda, for this key strategic rr2v calculator.Rr2V calculator will be designed to satisfying the needs and the desires of a child age between 7-11 years old who will be using the calculator while other discipline that is recording and video conferencing that will help in tutoring the child.

Goal oriented design is concerned with major role that rr2v calculator will play in satisfying the need that every child has an access to the calculator thus effectively solving problems brought forth. The need to take this new approach that will enhance quicker problem solution. Cognitive friction this is where tough problems are treated significantly well with the design helping in solving it. This can be achieved by performing queries that are to be treated like human when some are kind of complex and sometimes we cannot always understand what they mean. This design should specifically be goal oriented in our case it should be an interactive design that will help child of age between 7-11 years old get to use rr2v calculator in solving math problems and also help to record the work the child is doing. There is also visual representation that will help the child to interact with interface that includes diagrams, charts, icons and other graphical things.

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Goal-oriented objective will help the child to acquire knowledge through physical form, color, physical perception and desire in order to create a mental picture that every child by observing it will be able to determine what thing is being dealt with. physical perception this entails identifying, organizing and interpreting of sensory information in order to fabricate mental representation which sensors the body transformation signals that they have acquired in class and then encoded into neural signals. Perception is achieved through learning, memory and expectation. All recordings and visual representation obtained in video conferencing are all derived to bring goal-oriented design.

Making the Learning of Mathematics Easier

What is the mathematics related interaction designs introduced to the schools curriculum aimed at helping the children to improve their skills in relation to this subject? This will be the question that I tried to investigate as I performed my research before I could settle on my project. I found out that computerized games and eBooks are some of the devices that are being used by most parents so as to enhance their children’s thinking rate.

It has been noted that the teachers are doing their work well but may be the children are not interested in mathematics since their friends have already convinced them that this subject is difficult. This is the main issue that is discouraging students to have an absolute desire and technique of tackling the subject in a different manner than the one their friends who failed did. Different schemes have been invented in relation to the issue of children performing poorly in this subject.  Different books have been written relating to this subject. Mostly these books are concerned with different calculations which are normally posed after an interesting story that triggers and challenges the child thinking capability. These books include Mathematics e-books, example in the garden, Crunch and painting the loft by Roderick Hunt amongst many others.

Others have tried using computerized games which have captivating backgrounds. Most parents are advised to first introduce their kids to the simple games and through these mechanisms the kids will be attracting and longing to spare some time to play the computer game.  Examples of such games include, G3 Math HD Lite. This is a game which highly helps the children to improve on their calculations, to understand places values, rounding off and drawing bar graphs.  These two mechanisms have been used by parents who are really concerned with their children education. The two are quite functional and practical they are actually working out with most kids who are introduced into them since the two are able to upgrade the child’s thinking capacity as well as their memory, when this children are offered the same question on a written document, they are able to apply the theory they learned from their games and e- learning story books. Through this most students performances in mathematic in most schools have developed a different trend, from the down way trend to a positive trend. All the same, not all parents will be in a position to buy a computer for their kids due to financial problems. They may manage to buy the books for their kids but may be not all the time as needed. The child may get bored by the monotonous trend of re-reading the same books over and over again.

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Technologists have tried to invent hand held devices which enable the child to move around with their crucial points always. Examples of such devices are mobile phones and simple computers. The mobile phones have been inserted application which can be of help to most of us such as the calculator which can be used for calculations. The greatest problem with these phones is that they have very low memories as a result only very few information can be stored in these phones.

The calculators applied in these phones only contain the additional, subtraction, multiplications and division signs. Formulas are very necessary when it comes to mathematics. The mobile phones lack this application as a result the phones offer great assistance only to simple mathematics since applying this formulas in them becomes a hectic task. As a result I thought of coming up with calculator that would offer graphing services as well as have formulas within it amongst other features.  I also wanted to improvise a device that will be accepted allover the school curriculums all over the world. This was the reason I choose a calculator over a mobile phone since in most schools located in Africa, having a mobile phone with you in school is counted as breaking the school rules. Secondly a mobile phone is not recognized in most curriculums as a mathematical device. It also has very less mathematical related application compared to a calculator. 

My project is to improvise various components and manufacture a device that will involve the assembling of three different devices. I would wish to enhance the study of mathematics by having a graphing calculator which will help the students to carry out their calculation and at the same time have a recording and video system and a ruler running in this calculator which will help the student to have all the class happenings and mostly the mathematics class with him always. With this, the students will be able to go back to their videos and check how the teachers tackled out certain problems. With this at hand they will be able to always have a good memory of how to go about a certain questions.

This device will be more of a hand held device that will help the students to always have their educational materials with them always. This will also be beneficial in a way since the calculator is portable and has various other applications which can be of help even when the owner is not in class. At times, one can fall sick to the extent that the body feels weak and being in school at such moment is equal to a punishment. Student A –who is sick – can request his close friend -student B- to take his calculator with him as he goes to school and later hand it back to him after school. This device ensures that the student does not miss out on any point. Even when one has to go out during class time, you are assured of having all points from the teacher with you as the lesson ends.

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 This device will also economical. The parents do not have to buy their children the E-books anymore and a separate ruler since all this will be catered for when they purchase this calculator. This device can also be used when it comes to keeping records of other subjects. It is not only limited to being used in mathematics rather but it can also be used in other subjects like physics English etc. Apart from the eBooks and computer games used for mathematics study, we have other devices like calculators either used for graphing or just physical calculation only. Such items have highly made mathematics study an easy activity for students with poor comprehension and poor memory since they do not have to struggle much using their minds to calculate the complicated calculations.  This device will also introduce the students to the use of technology oriented materials since it will be more of a small computer.

The technology applied in this device will apply the creating imperative, great inventions and will be observed as a critical discovery that is going to aid the children in one way or the other. This discoveries and invention will be appropriately applied in to aggrandize the children’s gamut of the everyday applications. For sure, this calculator will be employed in the kid’s everyday routines and will also find new applications that will be vital to children in the subsequent years.

The device will be having the ability to capture every event in the classrooms during the lessons in the exact way that they are performed. The camera in the device will be in a position to capture thirty to thirty five frames per second. This represents a sum that has been calculated in accordance with the noted persistence of the vision of the children’s eye. This property will make this video camera very versatile and will also make its finding to be applied more and more. The calculator’s camera will be used and applied by the news channel correspondents in recording crucial events that will be occurring in the classrooms. The recorded items will be in a position to be projected through a television or internet, within approximately forty to fifty minutes of its occurrence.  This device will also be capable of making serials and movies that will allow every event to be keenly followed. They will capture both enjoyable moments as well as boring moments in the classes. This will allow the teachers to study when the children are normally bored or when they become active and attentive in classrooms. When this is done, the teachers will learn what to do to make their lessons effective. This will allow quality deliverance of education by the teachers. There is no doubt the performance of the children will gradually increase.

Furthermore, the calculator will be used by the education officers.  This will present all the records of what has been happening in the classroom the whole term. They will be able to narrate the all the incidences and activities that has occurred in that educational term. This will allow them to follow the children’s learning routines that are applied in the classes. Therefore, the teachers will be very serious and will not tolerate any activities that would lead to waste of time during their lessons. The children on the other side will be attentive in their classes to avoid being embarrassed The concentration in the classes by the children will also be raised to an admirable level. The children perform their best. They will be extremely attentive since they are sure of the negative effects that they would encounter if they play in classes. Most would try their best to do all that they can to appear good in classes so that they can win their parents trust when it comes to matters relating to education (Smoothey, 1995). On the other hand, the parents will high appreciate the device since it will allow them to follow their children education as well as their behaviors in classes.

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In the addition to the presented facts, this device will be having very many applications that are going to be momentous in the subsequent years.  The device will be having some qualities that will be employed when a kids falls asleep in the classes. As soon as the child falls asleep, this calculator will help off some circuitry that will start to produce a beeping sound that will immediately awake the child. Furthermore, the calculator will also be important in guiding the blind children when in their school activities. They will be applied here to guide way to the blinds. Therefore, from the above examples we can clearly infer this device will find very many applications.

This device will therefore gain a substantial amount of importance and it will definitely be difficult to imagine a day spent without the use of this device. It will for sure make our life very smooth and easy going. The Calculator will bring about the ability to effectively learn every concept that should be learnt in the primary education especially among children between seven to eleven years. It will for sure prove essential to national education officers, and on a smaller scale, to every kid. Also, important economical information will be saved and displayed when required - this will transform the way in which studies will be operated. In particular, the device will provide access to information that will be updating the parents about their children’s performances in every corner of the society.

The device will assist the children between seven to eleven years in that they will not have time to waste on doing their mathematics manually. This will automatically lead to saving of most of their time. It will be the prime necessity since most of their reading time will be spent by the use of the same device. If the children are left to continue performing their tasks manually, a lot of mistakes will be done.  This is due to the fact that children at this age bracket are normally young and un experienced. If one kid makes a mistake while working manually, a lot of trouble may result. Therefore, it will be advisable to the children to always be using this device that than doing their work manually.  The many advantages of this calculator will make it to be one powerful computing tool. Its ultimate advantage that will attract most users is that it will be fitting in their school bags very easily. This inexpensive device will be used by individuals belonging to all groups.

With all these features that the device will be having that includes independent memory, mark up percent, independent add register, right shift key, tax calculation and password options, this device will become a choice for every children. The details regarding its shapes, sizes, patterns and designs will be post in a month time on websites so that people may propose their models before they are fixed. This will be of great benefit since a person can tab on a particular site and view various model thus proposing his or her favorite. The fundamental importance of this calculator is that it can be programmed to perform different tasks just as a computer does. 

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The device will be of big help when doing mathematics. It will assist the children to provide relevant answers in various equations. It will also be a useful tool that will allow the children to learn different ways of approaching the mathematical equations. The use of the device will play a big part in excelling in mathematics.  The special designed features of this calculator will make computations much simpler (Sharp, 2007). Some of these features will involve the floating point in functions in trigonometry, scientific notation, exponents and roots, arithmetic as well as simple access to the constants that will include E and pi.

The use of this calculator will best be seen in different situations and aspects. It will greatly help to save the time that is wasted when a child takes his time looking for functions on a logarithmic table. In comparison, the calculator will readily access particular mathematic functions that will involve trigonometric. They will be performed in speedy manner. Purchasing this device will be a very wise idea for any child between the age of seven and eleven. It will actually provide more functions than a normal calculator, and the extra functions that will be fixed on the device will be extremely helpful for the math classes.

Innovation of the Rr2v calculator

The Rr2v calculator was a project which cropped up in my mind after conducting various interviews amongst kids ranging 7-11 years during a tuition period in one school in Kenya. I noted that most children were very active during other classes but during mathematics classes, some would not even utter a word. Others had a lot of difficulties tackling mathematical problems either due to calculation problems or lack of concept. Most of the kids used grains for their counting; I noted that they easily lost the grains when they spilled and I thought of advancing their calculation encounter and make it to be marvelous and enjoyable (Heim, 2008).

This device will also bring to an end of the hustle which is not interesting at all that  is brought about when others are learning and you are under the lockers trying to collect your beans or borrowing from other children yet they are busy and using their beans to. This calculator is specifically designed for those children ranging 7-11 years. Approximately, these children will be in class one and class 6 respectively. In references to some previous research conducted on the characteristics of these children, there is clear evidence that this is the period that these children are developing their brains since they have just being I n traduced to education and they really need a good back ground. It also shows that the quality of education installed to this child at this age, highly matters how this child will perform in his education in general. The world’s activities also have to go through a change as days pass. Our lives today are technology centered. Technology is transforming everything to be a simple computerized system be it the recording of information, communication and education as well. I found it wise to have a device that would introduce these children to a new system that would simply fit in their education curriculum. A calculator that had a video and recording system in it seemed to be what these children were missing. I choose this certain device since it was one gadget that they would use from class one up to maybe secondary school. Thus found it economically friendly to most parents.

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In some classes I also noted that some of the students were slow learners, so by the time they were through with their calculation of question one, the rest of the class was through with three more sum. The teacher could not be in a position to notice him or in other times he would be in a hurry to finish teaching what he had prepared for the day thus ignoring this particular student. This student could get confused and would not manage to have a good follow up of what has been happening during class time. The student could at times be tempted to get bored and would start fantasizing. If the teacher was not keen enough to notice this student at this period, he would get offline and mathematics classes would be his fantasy time. This was only being brought about by the effect of missing to follow keenly in one day.   

I thought that it would be wise to have a calculator that will help the students be fast in calculating and also one that would help them to catch up some time later in the day if they happened to miss the exact statements of the teacher. And the examples offered by the teacher and his fellow classmates as well. I found this device to be the helper of many who were slow to learn and comprehend. This device would be of much help to such students since; this team will have an ample time to grow through their videos after class and will try to understand what the teacher meant at a particular time either by themselves or through the help offered by their fellow students. The teacher could also be in a position to explain in a better way when where the student lacked enough information. This would normally occur if presented to a section of his session in class to expound on it more rather than having to repeat the whole topic in general. The Rr2v calculator will be having the below prototype design screen.

This device will allow the students to enjoy various added among them being taking notes in a class through recording voice notes. They will also be in a position to feed in data and have the calculator form and solve equations. The calculator will also be able to store various formulas which can be used by the students when need arises (Haney, 1985). The camera will be having 3.2mega pixels specs. There shall also be a recorder inside the calculator and a ruler on the outside board. The calculator will also create graph where necessary.

I understand that this device will be used by kids. Normally kids are known to be careless and very playful. The calculator may be dropped on several occurrences. To avoid taking that parents at a loss due to the calculator breaking down due to the pressure exulted on it when it hits the ground, I proposed to have this calculator being made of a hard plastic body. The plastic body will be covered by woolen materials that will prevent this device from being affected when it falls down.  

The rr2v calculator will be an m-learning material. I found this being applicable instead of inventing something that is not portable yet the child will need to do some revision exercises once they are home or at school. The device can easily be transported since it is not heavy. The calculator has an internal battery that needs to be charged for 13hours so as to ensure that the battery is well charged. Once the calculator is fully charged, it can approximately be used for two days without much hustle. As a result, there is no much need of moving around with charger since there is enough charge thus this calculator is not bulky.

This calculator functions more in a computerized manner. It stores information which is one of the characteristics of a computer amongst other functions. Anyone using this calculator will need to be computer oriented this is because one will experience a lot of problems while using it. This calculator to provide quality services, one should ensure that the battery is fully charged. The memory of this calculator is 80gb.This is one of the characteristics that will enable this calculator to save items within it for a long time.

When using this calculator, one should ensure that the battery is well fitted in so as top avoid having any malfunctions. To start it up, one needs to turn on the power button. For privacy purposes, this calculator will have some applications that will help you to set your username and a password that will always be the first thing this calculator will command you to feed it with after starting it up. After a successful login in it will request you to choose whether to operate it as a sightseer or with the username you used to login in.

If you are the owner of this calculator, you will choose to use the username side but if you happened to borrow this calculator, you will login as a guest to avoid mixing up your work and that of the other person.

I created this guest application, due to the fact that one student can forget his calculator at home or probably his could be out of charge and was in need of using it due to the inconveniences caused, an alternative has to be considered. The idea of borrowing from a friend who was not using his seemed appropriate at such moments. This calculator is also quite beneficial since at such moments, the student will use another persons calculator and whenever his will be okay, he will transfer the information saved in the other calculator into his through the use of a data cable.    80 Gb is a very less memory which is mot enough for a serious student to use for a whole year or so. The calculator memory will definitely expire and get full with relevant materials soon after use. For this reason, there is need to have the information saved in it transformed in to an external disc like a computer or such related devices. Through this one will be able to ensure than there is no information which may be lost.

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Students may tend to be tricky at times. To avoid having the students perform examinations irregularities , through using the information saved in their calculators during examinations times, the teachers or parents  will be expected to have a secret code saved in the system of the calculator 24 hrs time duration before the examination commence . This will be one way of helping your child to learn how to depend on their minds. Through this these kinds will always try to understand the formulas taught or displayed on the calculator screen whenever they are free with their calculators. This is because the children are aware that the calculator system will have the important information blocked for certain duration of time before the time they need it most- examinations period. 

This system of having some information kept out of reach for some time, is not limited I.e. there is no specific time when this should be done.  The Parents and teachers who are really concerned  with the kind of progress their kids are making when it comes to the educational, should take this as an advantage ad test whether the child really understands what he has saved in their recording and video systems (Fielker, 1987). They should have their explicit time before the child sits for his exams to perform their test.

This calculator at the moment has been commanded to function using one language and that is english this is because most my targeted students are in countries where English is their first language or rather they understand English better than any other language (Garrett, 2003). There is a testing program that has been installed in the calculator for the users who would like to test their calculators before purchasing them (Booth, 1956). On the inter face of the calculator, there are various buttons which will be the main applications used to control the calculator. To test the quality part of the calculator, one will need to click on the button indicated as 6ht. A program written in C # will start up the calculator through the user interface and connect to tcp/ ip interface. On the screen there will appear the letters which will be followed by some numbers (numbers 1- 9) RtdbClient DLLb unless otherwise.  

Research Method

The use of questionnaire is the type of the methodology that will be used. It will enhance bringing a broader picture of how the use of this calculator will be efficient and effective in performing mathematical questions. The questionnaire were distributed among the parents and teachers in different schools to get the view of how the calculator that has a recorder and video conferencing system will help the child between age 7-11 year in solving and revising mathematical work taught in class.

The questionnaire involved questions regarding how effective will the calculator be towards a child, how well will the calculator be utilized in educating the child, how can we make each child his own calculator and also can this calculator be the substitute of video games which some parents use to teach their children. According to the responses obtained from different teachers and parents in a survey of seven different schools nearly all teachers had supported use of that calculator. While parents had different views some had their questionnaire complaining of their children being lazy and would like them follow their footsteps of following their traditional way of life. While others had full support the system saying that it will help them know what they learned in school also it will relieve the problem of employing a tutor.

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Risks Faced during Manufacture

My project was influenced by the state which I found in most school in the African countries. For this reason I had the children from these countries as my targeted users. Despite this being a good idea, I was faced with a lot of challenge. One of the challenges that highly affected me was time factor. I was very much determined to have this calculator within a span of 1 year 9 months. This was because I did not want my target users to have graduated to the next age bracket and class without having a more definite calculating system which also come with graphical records and the other features. I tried to harmonize resources provider who were responsible to provide the edifice materials like the recorder and the wiring systems needed for the calculator to be functional. In my plan I had underestimated the cost that this calculator would cost me. The total cost needed happened to be more than the cash I had estimated. This was another reason my service providers used for their delayed delivery of the materials needed for the calculator construction.

This factor highly affected the time taken for the calculator assembled. Another factor which highly affected me and my team which worked with me closely to have this calculator manufactured was the factor of having indistinguishable responsibilities and roles among the whole team. There were also a lot of misunderstanding amongst my team members; some of them undermined their mates, poor communication amongst the whole team. As a result a lot of rework were experienced due to some calculators which had not achieved the quality characteristics expected   when the assembling processes was over (Fey, 1992). These problems highly affected my progress since without proper management and dedicated work mates, there will be no much progress made. This was the same case with my team. We did very less in much time. As a result, we ended up missing the initial targeted users. We later found out that after my calculator was finally complete and ready for use, the pupils who challenged me to go in a lab and set up this model had moved from one class to the other and most had moved from the age bracket of 7- 11 yrs .As a result new pupils had moved in to this age bracket and surprisingly enough, the new target users had different requirements and characteristics compared to my aimed pupils. I noted that the pupils had added new characteristics which forced me to go back to my drawing board to change my design to fit in the new generation needs. Due to the fact that the expected budget cost shooting up with an unexpected rate, I was forced to cut down some of the lists in the budget list so as to have this whole project successful.

Finally, when this calculator sample were assembled , I decided  to  introduce to the students , teachers and their parents as well so that they would help me to review how effective they were in referrers to the school curriculum of the users. I depended on the comments which this team would offer as their views. I stopped the production of other calculator since I was not assured whether they would like it or ask for some changes here and there. The feedback cycle was very slow. They took to much time which results in delay in introducing the calculator in the market.

Technical parameters

  • 1 optically input for the flow meter, two or three channels, 5 or 12 V
  • 1 optically input for the disconnected switch, one switching contact
  • 1 optotriac switch, a motor contractor, 250Volts / 6A
  • 2 optotriac piece connectors for high or low flow, 250 volts / 2A
  • I2C displays, temperature, keyboard and other modules
  • Outputs of electro calculators summation of the price
  • EEPROM memory for the data of the configuration and summation electronic devices
  • DIN 66348 interface - length up to 1000 metres, industrial bus RS485.
  • The Communications protocol EPSI

Attentions / warnings

Like any device this calculator has some limitations and warning in accordance to its usage. There is need to always first read all the instructions and to ensure that the device is well connected to avoid shock occurrences and fire. The main points we should highly consider and giving enough attention towards are:

  • Do not place this calculator under high temperatures or in direct sunlight. This is because the high temperature may result to having the calculator internal wires becoming inoculated.
  • Do not open the calculator system without the help of a maintenance technician, it might cause shock.
  •   Incase of an accident and water or any liquid gets in the system, make sure to cut off the power immediately. You should ensure that the calculator is not powered on until a maintenance technician has attended to it.
  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged this will guarantee that this device will provide quality work.
  • Incase one is not sure of how to go about operating the calculator , he should confirm this information from the users manual that will be provide upon purchasing this calculator .
  • Before purchasing this calculator ensure that the warrant card is provided and that the calculator has never been used by any other person. This will be confirmed that whenever you put on the calculator the login details are not feed in. Incase you purchase a calculator which has not warrant card, the company will not be responsible for any losses.


The new Rr2v calculator has evolved to one that has more capabilities that can perform many functions with more speed. The children will therefore be in a position to solve Mathematical questions and to solve them correctly with massive aid of this device. When this device is completed, there should be no excuse for not owning a Rr2v calculator due to the considerable price range for any particular budget, and also extensive availability of this device with full range of sizes and styles.

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This advancement will enable the children to learn different ways of performing mathematical questions thus playing a big part in excelling in math. The use of this calculator in classroom will not be restricted. The overall advantage and objective is to help the students to advance in technology.



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