Securing the US Borders

It is the role of the department to ensure that US borders are secure following the rise of terrorism activities that are targeting the United States of America. Therefore, there is need for cooperation between various security agencies to enhance the security of borders, coastal and homeland.

If the US border was made less open and more secure, then, there would be serious positive impacts of this act. First, it would help reduce smuggling of illegal goods in the US market thus protecting the local industries from effects of dumping. Secondly, it would help in combating drug trafficking which is one of the major threat that faces young people in the US (Diminyatz, 2003). Finally, it would help reduce chances of terrorist using borders to carry out terrorism attacks on the US homeland.

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The need to know should be replaced by the need to share as it was stated in the 9/11 commission report.  There is need for various government agencies and governments around the world to share information regarding terrorists if the fight against terrorism is to be won. Through sharing of the information, the agencies will be well prepared to handle any attacks from terrorists in order to prevent possible attacks by terrorists on time (Haddal, 2010)..

The department of defense has role of ensuring that the borders and coastal regions are secure from any threats. The department provides security checks at all border entries and marine patrols that are aimed at securing the borders. The department of defense is closely related with the department of homeland security whereby they work closely with an aim of enhancing the security of the United States’ citizens (Ashcroft, 2006). They provide information to the homeland security department in relation to any terrorism activities from the border, information from which the home security department is expected to act on. The DOD helps civil authorities in policy formulation of dealing with terrorism activities within the borders of the United States of America. Open markets is whereby market entry in a given country is not restricted, while closed border is whereby entry of any goods or people is closely monitored by the concerned departments.

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