Successes of the Office of Policy Coordination

Warfare was one of the common things that the US was commonly involved. This was due to their great efforts of trying to tune everyone in the world to be a capitalist. The Great Britain on the other had wished to transform the world from the capitalist notion to being a communist community.  The United States was not amused by its opponents and any time a country tried to involve itself with communist principles, so long as US had certain interest in that country war could occur. Many countries dislike the personality that the United States held and condemned their evil ways of trying to take advantage of the poor countries and developing countries.

In 1946, the country demanded to have an underground organization formed that could be help in fighting back the Russians in case they attacked during the peaceful confrontation. Russia had taken revenge on the United States in 1949, way after the stop of   us nuclear monopoly. Due to this factor the United States lacked to trust the Russians and they were afraid that the Russians could attack them again until their objectives were met. For this reason they decided to request for a peaceful political confrontation with the Russian government. The office of policy coordination, as a weapon for United States against their opponents, Russians, in case a misunderstanding took place and Russia resulted into war.

The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was the first underground organized psychological organization. This office was previously known as the office of special projects. The organization was based on the same principles like those forces functions and organization are similar to that of the United States army but unfortunately are not included among the list of the states armies.  This office was opened as an independent office back in the year, 1948. In 1951, the organization was amalgamated with the central Intelligence Agency.

OPC was formed in the year 1948under the, NSC10/2.  This was one of the united states National Security Council documents. Like any other organization, the OPC was managed by various managers and directors, among them being, the states representatives, defense department representatives and the CIA. The main director was frank Wisner. Wisner was the former OSS in Romania and the assistant secretary of state for refugee affairs. George F. Kennan the state Department Official triggered and speeded up the formation of the Office of policy and coordination. During the Korean War, this organization highly spread and developed. Mainly because the US president harry Truman recognized the psychological strategy board on April, 1951. This action was aimed at trying to have all the Us psychological association/ welfare strategies synchronized.

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In 1952, the office was put under the comprehensive rule and control of the CIA. The organization was also united with CIA office of special Operations.  Through the union, the Directorate of plans was formed. OPC can also count its success on its executive officials. Most of the people appointed to command this organization had once worked in the defense department. Thus they had the experience needed to train other officials.  

The office of policy coordination had many negative results in most of the warfare that they got involved in. Some of the reasons behind these results were the poor coordination and management of the whole team either due to the confusion brought about by the states or the defense department.  All the same, this organization was not always a failure. For example, in 1948, it managed to have a limited number of the communist having followers in the Italian elections.  It also succeeded in its mission in France.

The United States found it necessary to have an underground organized organization which would highly contribute to an ultimate stop of the Soviet Union conflict. The United States proposed the formation of this organization as they had been planning. Nevertheless, this organization was affected by various factors which resulted to having it perform poorly or rather miss out on the expectation gauge. The state expectations from the OPC were contradicting with the requirements placed on the OPC by the defense department. The state expected that this organization would help stop the Soviet Union mission that affected the country in one way by conducting political and psychological competition. The two caused the movement to have divided loyalty.  The defense department expected that the OPC would be well trained and competitive enough in the paramilitary operations. Due to lack of enough resources, the Office of policy coordination experienced great difficulties in meeting both teams’ expectations.

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OPC was a component of the CIA. All the same this division was allowed to work on its own lead to the whole CIA union experiencing financial crisis. This was because; this organization was funded by the money, knowing that it would be taking a higher portion than all the other organizations, that the whole CIA organization received from the government for all the organization under it.

The organization experienced poor management channels. The state and the defense both wanted to have a say and be the major power ruling the OPC. The executive officer was confused and torn between which power expectations to have his group fulfilling and which one should be assumed. Whenever an economical warfare operation was to be conducted by any department or agency that required the help of the OPC, the agency was expected to offer guidelines on how they expected the work done and any other related information. In most cases, whenever any department came along seeking services from the Office of Policy Coordination, they would end up offering no work guidelines thus leaving the entire work to this organization which would at times end up losing due to lack of relevant information that would have been useful unto their planning and work procedure .

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The NSC 10/2 was not the perfect document for governing covert organizations. The clandestine organizations increased with time but under the same expectations that these organizations efforts were limited under the source of the resources committed to them. The NSC10/ 5, this document was hoped to provide guidance on the scope of the covert activities, was allotted as the solution to this problem but unfortunately it did not work out.   This problem continued to affect the other organizations even after OPC had collapsed.

The office of the Policy Coordination plays a vital role in promoting responsible interactions with various industries and institutions. This normally result to a great support of the culture that in regard to the research integrity. As a result, the JHM staff and faculty get a chance of being assisted in the research compliance.

In conjunction with the adoption of the initiated professional commitment policy, the office of the Policy Coordination has taken its members to a desirable level by moving an extra mile of launching an online mechanism that is needed for the annual reporting. This will allow smooth performance of the annual reporting that will be in a position to be done in phases. During the department reporting period of the Office of the Policy Coordination, the office has succeeded in developing a weekly reminder of their members that is done by use of email. Links are also used in the Office of the Policy Coordination to deliver similar messages by use of a reporting website that normally contain all the instructions that are needed by every member of the Office of the Policy Coordination in order to complete the annual report.

The Office of the Policy Coordination has as well succeeded in helping to guide the entire international universities. This is excellently performed within the realms of the set academic integrity. The Office of the Policy Coordination takes a good position in managing and reviewing disclosures as well as the conflicts of interest. It also takes part in investigating research misconduct thus promoting a culture thus initiates an ethical conduct of research. Due to high level of competence, the Office of the Policy Coordination has managed to win trust from other offices thus they are able to work together as a big group.

Office of the Policy Coordination is responsible of overseeing the intelligence community of the US that is involved in fledgling. The Office of the Policy Coordination emerged before the real shape of the intelligent community solidified. During its early development moments, the Office of the Policy Coordination enjoyed considerable leverage since the rules that were involved in the conduct were not clear.

The successes of the Office of the Policy Coordination were mainly realized due to good relationship with other agencies. This relationship was observed due to the transparency of this office when performing its role. It was never involved in corruption actions that would make other agencies to doubt their trust. For this reason, gradual growth was observed in this agency leading to its expansion.

The Office of the Policy Coordination was never involved dirty tricks and politics that would harm its good picture in the society. For this reason, its performance was always above average. Moreover, this character made win the government trust and was therefore involved in defense services. This would definitely lead to an upward shift of it’s of its development graph. This growth became influential to an extent that the Office of the Policy Coordination would now influence even the neighboring countries. It also embraced the responsibility of serving a function that was known as the “circuit-breaking”. This reflected that had a lot of power that would even control a state at some extent. There was no venerable department that would attempt to take responsibility should any action happen to be compromised in any way. Neither the Secretary of State or Defense, nor the President of a state, would be implicated.

The Office of the Policy Coordination went into an extent of creating and developing good relationship between countries. This brought the countries together creation a mutual benefit relationship that would increase the level of interaction between these nations. This would automatically lead to economic growth that would be initiated by through the beneficial interaction.  What really would maintain the ball rolling for the Office of the Policy Coordination was a condition known as the Central Intelligence. It demonstrated the importance of a peacetime intelligence. 

The Office of the Policy Coordination would bring forth its successes due to accessibility a bid slush fund. The leaders who were involved had good leadership skills which reflected a good performance of their duties. They were servant leaders who kept the needs of their fellow members first. They had a big heart that would accommodate every member regardless of some having very poor characters. These leaders were always ready to operate their activities with a very high level of passion. They were also compassionate to employees as well as their followers.  These leaders were selfless and would serve their followers by drawing them in with their unique personal and admirable characteristics. The same leaders must be very persistent to achieve their goals in serving others. These great leaders served their people keeping their grants and promises by meaning what they said. Their followers therefore found them reliable and thus became dedicated to them. Serving others called for their courageousness. These leaders were extremely obsessed with a great vision of quality of work that they would carry out the Office of the Policy Coordination. They were disciplined individual s who disciplined their minds of others thus keeping them focused and destined thus easy to achieved different goals in their organizations. These leaders also had a great vision that allowed them to view things as to what they were supposed to be and not what they were. They were serving leaders who were strategic, perspective and wise. They had the knowledge that allowed them to make correct calls that would made Office of the Policy Coordination successful. This led to high development of the Office of the Policy Coordination at large.

Another success of the Office of the Policy Coordination was initiated by the peace that was all over the place. The agency was very peaceful to an extent that it was admired by many individuals. It never participated in any kind of war. In fact no-one had appetite for the convectional war. For this reason, there were very few injuries or deaths that were registered that would reduce the production level of the members. Therefore there was no single reason that would make the level of production to decrease. It would only rise accordingly.

High level of security was maintained in the Office of the Policy Coordination. Energetic and qualified men were recruited to provide security. This was emphasized since the Office of the Policy Coordination would not tolerate any cold war. For this reason, the convert action was the real chosen tool. The best and willing trainees were trained on how to parachute behind an enemy line. 

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