Social Networking and Mobile Commerce


Social networking can vastly improve a business and its performance in terms of sale. It plays a key role in creating customer relationship, and can be used as a powerful weapon that can identify and influence the consumers of your product. Many large organizations have come up with internal websites to boost its social interactions. This can also lead to easy access to the company’s products, newsletters and even handbooks. JC Penney, a clothing company is a superb example of a company that uses online communities and social activities to promote its products. (Rosenbloom, 2009).

This company has made the use of the website where visitors can get and/or give a review of a variety of product that the company has in the market. The company has established a site where they get their questions answered. In this site, the customers post a question about the products of the company and the company replies. These questions can be viewed by anybody, who wishes to know more about the company. Facebook is another social network that the company uses to advertise its products. By use of facebook, the company can upload photos of what they have and produce so that it can be well known for the public. This will widen, hence, the market for the company’s products. ( Chevalier & Gutsatz, 2012).

The social networking that the company has taken advantage of has greatly improved its business. The stores of the company are equipped with web kiosks and all their points of sale have access to the Web. Customers, therefore, can get the sizes, styles and categories of the products that are not in the store. Every day, more people get to learn about JC Penney clothing line and what products they can access at that time. This is all because the customers can get access to the company’s products even through their mobile phones. Social networking is a good way of creating a virtual community among the employees and the customers of the company. (Treadaway & Smith, 2012).

 Indeed JC Penney is making good use of the tools of social networking and mobile commerce. The company even has a system that is underway that will allow their customers to scan coupons that are available in the store, which have been sent to their mobile phones. These channels are vital to the company as they build up its value and promote the price of their products. Taking advantage of social networking should not be taken for granted because as much as it improves the business, it can also destroy it. JC Penney, handle these sites carefully as it seems to be aware of the risk involved. Looking keenly at these sites, one will clearly see that the company has determination of using this network and correct any mistake they might be doing.

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