Critical Reading Response

The world today suffers from various major problems, which are at most times caused by humans, or their activities. Drug abuse is one of such international problems. It is unfortunate that even with prohibition of drug use in most countries of the world, and knowing the horrible consequences of drug use, there is still such a high rate of people who use narcotics, and as a result become dependent on it. Many researchers have tried to determine the real cause of drug abuse, yet one final decisive answer has not been established.

According to the article, the author contradicts the popularly held opinion that the problem of drug abuse should be blamed on the prohibition of drug use. The author refers to a little historical background profile in America to illuminate that the organized crime has always been one of the sides to account for drug use to becoming a profitable industry. Hughes writes that in addition to the leadership of the organized crime, the issue of drug industry was also carried away with the wind by the “lack of international agreement”. Complete prohibition of drug supply and lack of structure in the drug fighting systems are the two perspectives, which have proven to be useless in implementation in real life scenarios. In addition, the popularity of drugs among the rich circles’ demand on drugs was and would stay the same.

In conclusion, the author asks unanswerable rhetorical questions. One can only guess the answers to these questions tracing the parallel with less dangerous, yet as addictive substances as alcohol and tobacco. Hughes traces the line by motivating the reader for action. He states that there had been enough polemics on this topic; therefore it is time to finally start implementing the ideas both internally in a specific country, and internationally. Of course, the consequences can be as unexpected as it can be imagined, yet seeking for a side to blame this problem on is not an option, and it surely would not bring up the answers for it.

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