1) Almost every young girl in the school years dreams about magic appearance of the prince who will turn her life into a fairy tale. But this illusion disappears in the prevailing majority of cases where appropriate education base is tutored. But if the girl doesn’t removes the rose-colored glasses it is the most dangerous setting for her. She is taught that it is her main goal to find a prince by any means. She is prepared only for wife’s role, other roles are not supported. As a result, these girls are more likely than others to enter into hasty marriages, become dependent on men and it is much harder for them to realize their talents and potentials.

There is no simple answer on the notion of defining whose fault of such perfectionism is – parents’ or film makers’. We cannot say that it is the fault of one of the parts. Disney’s princesses have positive traits too. Yes, it sets the ideal, totem but it correlates with beauty, femininity, art.  And there is a challenging task for the parents to form their daughter’s worldview combining the images “woman-wife”, “woman-housewife”, “woman-beauty creation”, “woman-professional”, and “woman-inspirer” to create intelligent personality.

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2) I think that directors of the Disney have given princesses heroic roles because the role of women in society has changed. Those days are gone when woman was seen as weak powerless creature. Women run a business breaking through glass ceilings. They achieve success and wealth, raise children and do not rely only on men. They are self-sufficient, successful, and influential. Women possess leadership positions due to the high professionalism. Moreover because of physiology woman is increasingly becoming a victim of sexual harassment, and career discredit. A woman should surely be able to defend themselves. Knowing what she might encounter, she will be better protected.

3) I would like to mention three others princesses Belle, Pocahontas, and Tiana. Belle is more intelligent than Ariel or Princess Aurora. She reads a lot, she strives for better opportunities. She is ready to leave her home to find a better life both from material and spiritual sense. Pocahontas is bold, adventurous, wise, kind to her friends. She is a strong personality who makes the decisions and is responsible for her actions. Tiana is the most modern image. She has a job; she set clear goals to herself and achieves them. I think that the last image of Tiana is the most appropriate for younger children education because solid character, striving for excellence, independence are Tiana’s characteristic traits.

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