Is Texting Ruining the Art of Talking

I can firmly state I believe that texting versus talking is a real contemporary and rather recent issue, which has a harmful impact on interpersonal communication. With the introduction of technological advancements, communication between individuals has reached a new level. Undoubtedly, it had opened many doors for easy communication: one can finally rapidly reach people located far away; the service is quite affordable by most people; it costs less than phone calls; it gives time to think before writing. Nonetheless, texting has also become a foe for real live conversation by changing its meaning and significance. Finally, it contributes to the development of laziness and social loneliness.

According to the article under research, younger people prefer texting more than elder people do. One can understand that elder people use the innovative gadgets less than the youngsters do, thus they are more used to such a type of communication. After all, it is much easier to type a few words and send the message than actually go and talk to a person, as this saves so much trouble. I believe that older people are simply more used to telephone conversations and long old-school chats about life, while the young live in a period when time is money and there is not a free second to lose. Elder people are more used for doing everything according to the schedule and always have some time to share with friends over a cup of tea.

The drawbacks of texting are quite numerous. One of the most obvious is that one becomes socially isolated. For example, out of 500 friends there are only a few whom you would actually turn to in moments of stress for comfort. There is always the problem of misinterpretation when chatting via contemporary programs, such as Skype, due to the fact that typed words and smileys can be misperceived in different contexts. Typed words are cold and shallow, when it is always nicer to see the light in the eyes, or at least hear the voice of those who are dear to you.

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