Reading Response

The impression after reading the essay is very positive. The structure is standard, including introduction, body paragraphs, and a small conclusion. The author did not use anything out of place. Analyzing the essay provides us with more conclusions.

Although the structure of the essay is typical, it could have been more sophisticated. The author has used an atypical approach and made an accent on one point of his story. The essay is fully developed, but it lacks special appeal. It looks like hundreds and thousands of other essays of such type. It is based on the general information and lacks examples, as well as mentions of the personal experience.

The author used the experience, obtained back in middle school and later in high school. This fact provides the essay with a certain base. On the other hand, opinions and impressions of the other people could have been used to write this essay with more individuality. Using examples from the lives of the successful people or quoting them could become a strong benefit of the essay. Besides that, a good point to emphasize on could be not only the personal prediction, but the experience of the close relative or friend about the college.

The author provided the information consequently, going from one point to another. The essay is easy-to-read, as the sentences are built without any complex structures. The reader will not need to spend much time reading this essay. Provided the content of the essay was stronger, it would have been more pleasant to read and drawn more attention of the readers to its thesis. 

As it was mentioned above, the overall impression of the essay is quite satisfying. When we get to the closer analysis of it, some flaws appear that could have been avoided in the future in order for the author to make his writing sophisticated and unbeatable.

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