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I agree with the first response. This is because the low class people do not have the motivation and desire to pull themselves out of poverty. According to Lewis, once poverty comes into existence it perpetuates itself from generation since the poor people do not make an effort of saving themselves from poverty. In addition to this, the poor people lack values since most of them would rather indulge themselves in drug abuse or prostitution than think about their future (Iceland, 2006). They also have delayed gratification and self-indulgence since they prefer living in the present by misusing the money that they have rather than investing in long term projects.

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I agree with the second response since the upper class people are offered more opportunities than lower class people are. This is because in most cases, quality education is offered to the rich compared to the poor and thus the rich have more opportunities of empowering themselves economically. The poor may have different interpretations on a certain value since they may value more their social status compared to economic status. Furthermore, a poor person may decline a job because it does not offer enough welfare opportunities and not because they have a flawed character. I also agree with the third response. This is because there are many instances where there is economic isolation since the upper class is given more opportunities of acquiring financial support through loans (Iceland, 2006). In addition to this, some of the middle and lower class people are socially discriminated since they do not have the financial status to fit into the community. Due to this, they are not offered the chance of accessing opportunities of empowering themselves economically. Discrimination due to  race or gender may also affect the low, middle and upper class members and thus these people may not have the opportunity of accessing educational or investment opportunities that may help to empower them economically.

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