An End to the War on Weed

An end to the war on weed may be a rather close event. The society’s support of the legalization of marijuana keeps growing over the years. A lot of legislators support it, as well. Today, it is partly or fully legal in 1/3 of the states. Comp (2009) states, “America’s marijuana policy is more harmful than the plant itself”. The author states that legalization of marijuana would bring tax increase and cut the enforcement expenses. Revenues would go to the government, and not the drug cartels. Society would need some time to accept the harmlessness of pot smoking and then government would have no other choice as to follow the call of the people.

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The author chose a right approach to the issue. Most of the population agrees that legalizing weed is better than buying it from the smugglers. The government should listen to the people; as this is its primary function – to satisfy people’s needs. As long as legal drugs are used in small amounts, they are no worse than alcohol or tobacco. People become addicted not by using, but by overusing something. Despite the opponents’ mind, most Americans are ready to support legalization of marijuana today. People just need to remember, that there are always pros and cons of every decision, as well as supporters and opponents of any idea.

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