Family remains the most important thing (or at least one of them) in human life. Nevertheless, divorce rate in America is in increase. Does it mean that people do not respect the family values anymore? Or a funny saying that “nobody has found out the secret of a happy marriage” is true? In any case, every seventh marriage ends with divorce procedure in the United States. So, the issue of marriage is very serious. There seems to remain practically no couples which really have made a decision “to live happily forever and ever.” It is nonsense for the contemporary society where civil marriages and divorces have become the norms of behaviour.

What are the reasons for divorce? According to Mr. Brown’s (25 years old) point of view, he divorced because his wife had not given him an opportunity to do something himself. She did not respect him and made all decisions without the husband’s approval. Today Brown is sure that his ex-wife wanted only money from him. This was the only reason to marry. The majority of people really quarrel because of money. Moreover, financial problems frequently become the causes of divorce. That is why it is recommended not to marry if you are not sure in your ability to resist any financial challenges and stay a loving spouse. Another man – Mr. Show (44 years old) – decided to divorce because his wife paid no attention to him after the birth of two children. It is necessary to stress that the lack of attention also often becomes the reason for problems in the family because women forget that a man, not children, is the head of the family.

In the majority of cases, the divorced do not manage to live happily in a new family because marrying for the second time is not a good way to avoid old problems. They tend to occur in a new marriage. So, is there any need to divorce, then?

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