Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner is considered to be a famous innovative brand located in Yorkshire, UK. The most frequent clients say, “We have been very pleased with the service and delivery from Joseph Turner. It is rare to have excellent quality at an attractive price.” (Turner 2011) It has received an award for professional and amazing shirts that are regularly produced by local designers. This brand essentially shaped the way we perceive textile industry. In 2011 this brand introduced the extended knowledge and practices for making fine shirt making materials and greatly revised all necessary tailoring skills, which are also required. As previously company's casual shirts looked like ordinary clothing, now the innovative techniques of their production annually lead to numerous prestigious collections, representing astonishing shirts. They all tailor their shirts out of high-quality pure cotton fabrics. The diversity of shirts is, respectively, enlarged. And most customers associate such quality with luxury products and are ready and interested to pay more for it. Everyone is able to purchase any kind of shirt for business or less formal occasions at rather affordable price. Shirts are divided into two production categories: formal and casual. For example, brushed cotton checks are the best solution for casual office environment. The Joseph Turner brand constantly takes care of its customer, offering a variety of innovations and discounts. They always consider the price and quality of a product to be in a perfect harmony. "Wind on your face is freedom. A howling gale down your back is chilly. These brushed cotton checked shirts are the draught excluders of choice for fresh air fanatics" and that is for only £29.00, which is very cheap. Some Manchester managers state that they regularly purchase clothing at Joseph Turner place, because they can be sure they get the maximum quality for the reasonable price. Their vintage shirts can be bought for only £34.00, which is the lowest price in the whole England. One more advantage of Joseph Turner’s shirts is that the majority of them are made of pure British cotton. This way, button down oxfords have the distinctive texture and are with contrast colour and cuff lining. For special occasions, the brand manufactures some shirts for leisure. For instance, rugby shirts are available at £32.00. Speaking about formal shirts, we can easily buy checks, country, evening shirts, party shirts, plains, Sea Island, short sleeve and stripes. Over the course of the last few years there was the opportunity to buy two random shorts at 50% discount, which indicates that the owners value their customers and their loyalty.               

            Let us be sure, shirts are not the only goods that are manufactured by the designers. The whole production line, apart from formal and casual shirts, consists of suits and jackets, ties, trousers, jumpers, outerwear, nightwear, shoes, accessories and clearance. Most international delegates prefer ordering classic or linen suits from £100.00. The full diversity of woven silk ties is hand-finished with usage of the finest pure silks, which are designed exclusively for the brand and exported fro, Italy. It shows that brand is targeted to be both universal and original and manufacture clothes for individual needs, rather than for the needs of the masses. We all also know that “proper relaxation requires comfortable clothes.” The high-quality heavy weight cotton corduroy trousers for only £64.00 are the optimal variant for both males and females.      

The variety of products allows the company obtaining the alternative opportunity to sell products not only at physical shops, but online. The creation of official Internet-shop with advanced offer and delivery services changes our minds, concerning the way famous brands take care of us. Moreover, it removes the boundaries and products can be ordered worldwide. After implementing the option to create personal profiles, accounts and baskets, the company is aimed at providing maximum comfort to its clientele. Together with online shops, we should mention that all the products are properly and adequately advertised so that each particular product preserves appealing message. For example, twill shorts are a “staple for every gentleman's summer wardrobe” or coats are expected to be a “versatile option for trips into town or walks in the country.” (Turner 2011) We should also mention that this brand is famous for developing the powerful line of Lambswool jumpers. Keeping a couple of these to hand for colder days, we will also have from what to choose: v-neck, crew-neck or half-zip jumpers. Joseph Turner is also the opportunity to buy boots and classic shoes, all of which are represented by traditional English craftsmanship.

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