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Earthquake-Proof Engineering of Skyscrapers

Curiosity is a part of the human nature. The authors of the Earthquake-Proof Engineering for Skyscrapers did their best to uncover the secrets of the skyscrapers’ construction and the way they are built. They supported their ideas by introducing of the practical guide to building the skyscrapers, creating the earthquake simulations, and demolition of the skyscrapers. The authors declared engineering, architecture, physics, and earthquakes to be the key points of the article.

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            The author started an article with a brief overview of the problem, specifically identifying the risk factors, influencing the skyscrapers at most. The PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur were set as an example. The author stated the thesis statement in a form of the challenge for the readers of the article to create a model of a skyscraper and test its stability under conditions of the imaginary earthquake. Specifically, the author wants the reader to simulate a lateral shaking, similar to the one that occurs in the real life conditions.

            After a brief introduction of the problem, the author lists the material that have to be used to complete an experiment. The description of the entire procedure comes next. The author offers various situations to be considered, and a number of factors to be taken into account, including the base of the prototype, its shaper and height. First stage of the experiment requires the same base and shape of the tower. Based on the acquired results, the author of the article offers considering to either continue the experiment (in case the towers remained steady and did not collapse despite their height) or in case they collapsed, to analyze the results and make a conclusion. A number of suggestions for better diversity is proposed. The author offers the readers to make their own conclusions based on the results of each individual experiment. Finally, the author provides a short explanation on the evolution of the skyscrapers from brick-built one in the past to the steel-frame ones, beginning since 1800s.

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            As we analyze the article, the obvious question that comes first is, “Why do we need to know such things?” But the author did a right thing by publicizing this article. It can be really helpful to the future architects or engineers, as it provides rather brief, but informative overview of the issue. The article has a clear idea to encourage the future skyscraper constructors to check the potential risks that might be caused by the direct influence of the earthquakes on them. Using a LEGO-based model for the simulation is appropriate in this case, as it represents the real skyscraper in the best way.

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            As the article deals with the called-for issues, it will be quite beneficial to students, who major in engineering and architecture, as well as for any people, interested in this area. The results of the experiments, suggested by the author of the article, may be used to conduct further case study in this area and to simulate the lateral effect on the skyscrapers in the dangerous regions.

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