The United States of America has experienced a series of terrorist attacks that have killed many of its civilians; this paper is going to focus on the 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center. In 1993 United States of America encountered a terrorist attack that specifically occurred on the 26th February. This attack that targeted the World Trade Center in New York City; and it was aimed at bombing the Northern Tower (Tower One), after bombing tower one then it would fall on the Southern Tower (Tower Two). In essence the bombing was to bring down the two towers and eventually killing and causing causalities to a lot of citizens in site; in addition it would destroy the infrastructure that was around these two blocks (Reeve, 1999).

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The bombing was as a result of detonation of a truck bomb that was parked below the World Trade Center Tower One. According to bomb experts it is stated that the explosion was as a result of the 606 Kilograms of Urea nitrate –hydrogen gas that was carried in the truck; and on the attack these amount was directed to collapse the North Tower into the South Tower for malicious reasons. Luckily enough the attempt failed and it only claimed the lives of seven people and left thousands injured.

The 1993 attack was attributed to be a terrorist attack and this is because the attack was intended to cause terror on the innocent civilians of the United States of America as a result of the misunderstanding between United States of America and the Arabic nations (Whitlock, 2005). The 1993 attack on the world trade centre is also a terrorist attack because it was directed at innocent civilians who were not the armed; this is evident from the bombing that basically aim at collapsing the World Trade Center and killing the people in it and not the military camps. This is also because the attacks resulted to the death of civilians while thousands were left injured.   

The religious and political differences between the United States of America and the Arab world is seen as the main cause of the 1993 arson attack; this is because of the influence the US had in the Middle East region. This is when the US funded the Israeli government and also offered them military support that made it easy for the Israeli forces to control and dominate over the Palestine’s (Reeve, 1999).

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The group that claims to be responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center attacks was the ‘Liberation Army, Fifth Battalion'. According to Whitlock (2005) in the article “Homemade, Cheap and dangerous – Terror Cells Favor Simple Ingredients In Building Bombs” Ramzi Yousef, was the leader of this group and he had different political views on the United States of America international relations with the Middle East countries (Hartocollis, 2008).

The motive of the attack was to make the US stop its activities in the Middle East countries, this is according to the letters that were sent to different media houses in New York City just before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center occurred. The letters contained different grievances that included the demand for the United States of America to stop aiding the Israeli government thus is by ending all the diplomatic relationship with the Israel (Reeve, 1999). The group also demanded that the United States of America should stop   interfering with the interior affairs of any Middle East countries. The letter further gave the United States of America government a warning that if any of these demands were never fulfilled the country will face other terrorist attacks in the future (Whitlock, 2005).

The group that was involved in the 1993 world trade center terrorist attack had high hopes that it will achieve its set goal of sinking the world trade centre, killing a lot of American citizens and at the same time influencing the international relations of the United States of America (Hartocollis, 2008).  The group never liked the way United States of America operated internationally and the group wanted this to change thus resulting to the terror attack in order to threaten the United States government. As a consequence it would reduce its international influence in the internal affairs of some states. The group hoped that the attacks on the country would yield to their demands this is by it reducing its relations with countries that the Group sees as an enemy.

After the 1993 world trade center terrorist attack the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with coordination with the Pakistani Diplomatic Security Service managed to track down the masterminds of the attack. The practice was fruitful as they managed to arrest Ramzi Yousef and his collaborators and they were eventually sentenced to life imprisonment (Whitlock, 2005).

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The 1993 World Trade Center attacks there was a turning point for the US and the international security; the attack was an eye opener for all the nations in the world sighting that no country is exempted from a terrorist attack. The US reacted towards the attack by beefing up its security system this is by placing a lot of security checks in the building and other buildings in the country (Reeve, 1999). These checks were used as ways of monitoring any person and products that were allowed into the buildings to discourage a repeat of the same in the future, and these new changes played a significant role in the rescue of the 2001 attacks on the same building.

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