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Professionally, I don’t deal with computers but occasionally I would grab the Baseline cover magazine to keep myself busy, it goes without saying that whenever I read it, there are interesting articles that captures my attention. The covers of these magazines are often so appealing and inviting, the layout is straightforward and easy to follow, the graphic designs and the format are also good. This paper is going to review the purpose of this site to the corporate staff or any individuals interested and the impact they may have created to the field of information technology.

Look and Feel

This magazine delivers an authoritative voice on how to win through this social media. The website hosts a number of services and products that it offers; it unravels the unwavering potential in the IT industry by playing a role of ensuring the coverage of all products and the prices that these products can go for. Simply put, Baseline magazine offers IT professionals or individuals interested in computing activities with monthly references to a comprehensive view of the world computing and professional information to persons looking for advice when choosing products and suggestions to their use. Each month there are new technological advancements, new marketing trends and new prices in the field of technology, the Baseline magazine reviews these products both the software and the hardware, it also focuses on the internet services and give possible solutions to the staff that may be using their products (Baseline, 2011).

The home page of Baseline magazine gives a wide range of their products, these include: laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, mobile applications, cameras, printers, scanners, networking, storage media, High definition Television sets (HDTVs) and security of these products. The website is user friendly in the sense that it guides users on the ways to follow their guides; any interested party is allowed to comment and give opinions about this page.

The page gives a wide range of its departments, such includes the editor’s choice, downloads that has features that enables subscribers to subscribe for favorite movies, software’s and the music available in the magazine library in their wide range of utility download categories, business, shop and comparisons, the prices they offer for this products, they also encourage news and opinions. The system allows you to reconfigure your network structure because of their improved networking infrastructure. IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation Tool for Intel processor-based systems. (IBM systems, 2011)

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Baseline magazine also gives readers and professionals in the marketing field their contacts on how they can access them if necessary, how they can advertise through their link by providing information about their editorial calendar so that in case someone wants to put up a case with them, they are  aware how their calendar operates such that when individuals or a given applies for their products to be covered in the magazine, they are aware of the next releases and when their products are going to be covered together with the terms of the article.

Baseline magazine is connected to all the major social networking sites that allow the target audience to be able to interact with their website, among these sites include Twitter, Facebook, Digg, youtube, Goole Buzz and TweetMbox.

Ideally the objective of Baseline tech magazine is on IT Education, computers and other gadgets including software and hardware reviews, The PC magazine is a booklet that highlights on the procedures of procurement, business, through finance and other technology related aspects (PCMAG.COM, 2011). According to Edizioni (2011) the language used in these booklets can easily be understood by laymen, it should therefore be recommended as the ideal reference material to institutions interested in setting up or upgrading their IT departments and also persons interested in buying similar nature of products through the information provided in their magazines as these are the target population of these publications.

Baseline magazine carrier advancement article equally allows people with different experiences in the very diverse areas of business to be more valuable to themselves and the company, that is companies can improve their systems of doing things by watching how similar companies operate through this website, the rationale is obvious, by seeing how other companies operate helps give the company a wider picture on how to handle similar matters, thus making it useful and resourceful. 

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These magazines should be recommended to institutions that want to acquire computers, software and hardware systems, they can also be used in comparison with other advertising agencies of similar nature of business. However, during the process of describing the products, they should be more particular by trying to identify possible characteristics of these products so that the individual’s interested may have the exact information of what they are about to acquire.

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