Turvey (2008) defines motive as an emotional, psychological and the material need that is impelled and at the same time satisfied by behavior. Motive is considered to be apparent and at times requires investigation in order to find out what happened.  According to Savino, Turvey and Baeza (2005), motive is seen as a state of mind that prompts a person to act in a certain manner. In this context, the stories of Odysseus the hero and Beowulf are reviewed to explain how a character comes out in a story.

A character can come out in a story by revealing actions, having an attitude, creating a problem, solving a problem, having a motive and by being a great source of a conflict. The stories make heroes because they bring out characters who act in a unique way thereby catching the attention of the reader or listener. The heroes also creates suspense in that, the reader becomes eager wanting to know what happened next.

Odysseus is the name of a king which means “to be worth against hate.”  He was considered to be one of the Greek champions who made a major influence in the Trojan War. A character can come out in a story by being a solution to people’s problems. A character should be someone who is trusted by other people and is always there for them to offer assistance. Odysseus is a hero who stood by his people and this made them to trust him. Most people had build trust in him and considered him as a great counselor.  According to the story, people approached Odysseus when they were in doubt for example, he advised the Achilles to let the Achaean men to eat and then rest instead of following his rage-driven desire which would drive them to do what was offensive and at the same time kill Trojans.

Odysseus also comes out of the story as a peacemaker. A character can come out as a person who is concerned about other people’s welfare and well being. Odysseus promoted peace and order. This is reflected in the story when the Agamemnon said that he wanted to leave Troy which was a test of the kind of attitude that people had towards him.  Leaving Troy was likely to disrupt peace in the area. However, Odysseus talked to Agamemnon and convinced him to stay and not to withdraw.

Odysseus is a character who comes out as a risk taker. This person is ready to sacrifice his or her life in order to solve a certain problem that is affecting people. This is reflected in the story where Hector made a proposal about a single combat duel. Odysseus did not take this lightly; he stood and volunteered to fight him which did not happen because another person volunteered to do that.  Odysseus also risked his life when he jumped on the shore when the Achaean ship arrived at Troy. According to their culture, people were not allowed to do that because they believed that any person who would attempt to do it would die. Odysseus did not die. However, the other person who jumped after him passed on. Odysseus also risked his life when he and Telamonian rescued the body of a warrior and amour when the battle was at the peak.

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Odysseus also comes out as a person who is good at getting involved in challenging situations. A character can come out in a story as someone who is ready to try something that is perceived to be hard or difficult. This is reflected in the story where he involved himself in a wrestling match who took place in the funeral games. He received favor from a certain goddess by the name Athena and finally emerged the winner which was unexpected.

Beowulf is a warrior who travelled to Denmark in response of a call of a king known as Hrothgar who needed assistance in getting rid of a monster known as Grendel. Beowulf was accompanied by his band of soldiers and one of his friends. According to Beowulf’s story, a character can come out in a story as a person who is perceived to be strong. The fact that the King invited Beowulf and his team to Denmark shows that he was the only person who was strong enough to assist in the situation that was being faced in Denmark.

A character can also come out in a story by showing a high degree of determination that sets him or her apart from other people. This means that the person has a motive which will lead to accomplishment goals. It is important to know why a certain person wants to achieve certain goals. Beowulf is a character who comes out in the story as being determined in the accomplishment of his mission.  Determination is seen when a character is not ready to give up in spite of the difficulties. The accomplishment of a mission is therefore considered to be the main drive in such situations. Beowulf is a hero who never gave up at any time. The hero travelled long distances in order to meet his target and at the same time prove his strength. This is reflected in the story where Beowulf took action after hearing about the troubles that were taking place at Hrothgar. The hero had to leave his homeland and travel the long distance to go and rescue Hroogar.

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A character comes out in a story as being regarded as daring. Killing a Person is not an ordinary thing. It takes courage and strength to kill someone which is always seen as an inhuman act. According to the story, Beowulf killed Grendel and his mother using a magical sword. This is seen as an extraordinary act which is used to bring out the character that is seen as courageous.

Persistence is reflected in Beowulf’s stories. Beowulf is a character who reflects and comes out as a persistence person. Persistence is seen when Beowulf’s team was attacked during the Grendel’s death celebrations.  However, Beowulf’s team did not give up the fight. They armed themselves and moved to the lakeside ready to attack their enemies. Beowulf is seen as a persistent person because he was ready to face Grendel’s mother again even after he was detected. The two engaged in a fight and we find out that, Grendel’s mother almost overcame Beowulf at some point but he succeeded after it all. His mighty action is seen where he grasped a sword from Grande’s mother which he used to behead her. 

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Later on, Beowulf and his men were attacked at night. The character is seen as a hero because he did not have what it takes to fight in terms of arms but he still managed to face his enemies. Beowulf and his men were persistent in that, they fought until the slain of the hall almost collapsed. The battle did not end there, it continued until they overcame their enemies when Beowulf tore Grendel’s arm from his body at the shoulder. He had to run for his life in marshes.

In conclusion, stories make someone a hero hence there is need to have great characters in order to make them memorable (Turvey, 2008). This is because the characters are expected to portray characteristics which are not present in other people and motives that cannot be achieved by others. The accomplishment of these goals is a sign of heroism because it is breaking a record and at the same setting a record that has not been set by anyone else. However, a character needs the support of others which is meant to show their uniqueness. Characters should also have characteristics that are similar and contrasting which are expected to bind them together.

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