Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography

Alexander, Y. (1991). Terrorism:  an international resource file:  1970-89 bibliography. New Delhi, India:  Ann Arbor Publishers

Terrorism 101 covers a variety of subjects and ideas that are hotly debated. The author Alexander offers fresh perspective on the works which introduce terrorism and explain ways used to combat it. He opens with discussion and definition of terrorism unlike other authors who have bogged down. Alexander offers a workable definition then he explains a historical discussion of the issue (Alexander, 1991). In his book, Leon covers Al-Qaeda, international Terrorism, and the PATRIOT Act, causes of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and media and terrorism. The book flows and it is easy to read making it easier for students to understand it.

The second half of the book always breaks with other ideas from different authors and it offers annotated bibliography proving to be of vast valve to readers. What Alexander the author did was compiling Annotated bibliography with articles, books and the scholarly related publications that are related to terrorism. The sources are of huge aid to any student conducting research.

Atkins, E. (1992). Terrorism:  a reference handbook.  Santa Barbara, CA:  ABC-CLIO Press

In his book Atkins explains that the intervention by military cannot stop terrorists alone. In turmoil times, when someone looses rational perspective or diplomatic voice and the non-military methods aiming at terrorism prevention can only be leading to further proliferation of the terrorists and an example is Iraq. Also much like war and drugs and declaration of the war and terror and usage of preemptive strikes mostly reveal the unrealistic ideal (Atkins, 1992). The same book talks about the new technologies that terrorists apply in their attacks when dealing with enemies or targeted nations or people. Atkins goes on explaining the ways that are supposed to be used in combating terrorism globally. In addition to that the groups targeted are given warning in their actions towards combating terrorism and why they become targets of the terrorist groups.

In conclusion, Atkins generally speaks about terrorism and the ways to avoid and kill it globally. Also, the effects of terrorism and measures that are to be taken to end the attacks from terrorist groups are also discussed.

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White, A. (1986). Recent military views of terrorism:  a selected bibliography.  Monticello, IL:  Vance Bibliographies

Dr. White clearly explains in his book the effects of terrorism and also condemns the means used to suppress it (White, 1986). Furthermore, Dr. White emphasizes on impact of terrorism to the target nations. He suggests several ways in which the affected nations can use or apply in reducing or ending terrorism globally. The book concludes by urging the terrorists to restrain from the acts which cause harm to the entire world (White, 1986).

Jongman, J. (1983).With a bibliography by the author and a world directory of "Terrorist" organizations. New Brunswick, U.S.A.:  Distributors, Transaction Books.

In his book on terrorist’s organizations, Jogman discussed about the organizations funding the terrorist groups and support terrorism. He explained how the organizations are widely spread and the big network the group operates in the world (Jongman, 1983). The only way to stop the organization is through peaceful talks and improvising of sophisticated technology that will ensure the network is blocked (Jongman, 1983).

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Schmid, A. (1983). Political terrorism:  a research guide to concepts, theories, data bases, and literature. Amsterdam: Distributors, Transaction Books.

Professor Schmid contributes his work on terrorism elaborating how terrorists operate. After his research he provided data bases and literature explaining the planning and acts of terrorists (Schmid, 1983). Schmid went on pointing out factors that contribute to rise and spread of terrorism globally. He concluded by giving out ways which help to contain terrorism e.g. education to terrorists on the effects and also changes in religions doctrines over terrorism.

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