The study is generally a study on what the people in Scotland think about the issue of the introduction of a new graduate tax to assist in student fees. It is currently free for a Scottish national to go to university and all the costs are provided for by the taxpayer. This tax would indeed increase an extra 3% tax for all the graduate in addition to the regular income tax.

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Therefore the overall outcome of the survey is actually to find out whether people oppose the new tax system or support it. There are also various components from the population that are of interest as far as the support or disapproval of the new tax regulation is concerned. These would include the gender, employment status, previous knowledge of the new tax regulation, speed at which the regulation should be implemented and the feeling of whether the new regulation would allow more students to join university. Others are the benefits of the new tax regulation and lastly the general feeling towards the proposed system in regard to its impact in college funding.

From the data we will be able to establish the proportion of males and females that support or oppose the new tax regulation. The most convenient way to have a feel of the varying opinions is through the use of pie charts which will clearly elucidate the difference in opinions on various issues as pertains to the introduction of this new tax regulation.

From the excel sheet, figure (1a), we can clearly see that 40% of those interviewed are opposed to the introduction of this new tax. If the sample is representative of the population then it would imply that 40% of the entire population is opposed to this new requirement. We can also see that the trend being uniform in terms of gender which is also 40% on either gender.

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From table (1), the proportions of those who support the new tax regulations has been analyzed using variations in job status. Those that support the new regulation are the self employed and those employed full-time, both at 66%. Not surprising because they probably don’t have many limitations in terms of finance. On the contrary, those that are unemployed together with those who are working part-time have very little support for the new tax regulation, both at a paltry 28%. Financial constraints could be used to explain this characteristic as it would be an extra burden for them. It is worth noting that no student was profiled in the survey as they are currently not eligible to pay taxes.

From table(2), we can see that comparing the young and old people, most of the young people are very much opposed to the idea of more tax being levied on them . they feel that they are the ones to bear the full brunt of this new regulation hence only about 29% of the people under the age of 30 years support this new regulation. On the contrary and not surprising at all is that all the people above 30years supported this new regulation. The more older members of the society certainly know the importance of college education and are therefore very supportive of this.

Lastly from the bar graph attached, it indicates that most people do not want the new regulations to be introduces. A large percentage also would want the tax regulation introduced after five years. This is to show that there is consensus in terms of people opposed to the introduction of the new regulations.

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From the survey it is apparent that although many do not wish for the introduction of the new regulations, they are however supportive of the idea that it would be beneficial to the country. Therefore 35% of people think it would benefit the country which is the same proportion of those interviewed who feel that it would not benefit the country.

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