Review of the Crash Movie by Paul Haggis

Question one. How do multiple plot lines and the treatment of the time contribute to the themes of the movie the crash and have an effect on the viewer.

The multiple plot lines and treatment of time in the movie make the theme of the movie like racism and frustration come out very well in the movie. The plot line also makes the movie more interesting and creates suspense on the viewer.

Question two. Describe the motivations of the Matt Dillon character. Do you think he has significant realization in the film?

 The main motivation of Matt Dillon in the movie is vile attitude and hatred towards non-white people. His acts of racism and hatred give more ironical twists in the story. Dilon finds himself helping people whom he has discriminated against before in the movie. His acts are like parables in the story because they serve as a platform where characters learn some of the lessons due to their behavior.

Question three. Why does the Ryan Philippe character behave the way he does?

At first Philippe was saintly reassuring that he had bypassed the prejudicial treatment towards black and colored people. However, at the end of the movie he shows his other side and it is obvious, that he treats blacks well after being forced to act that way by circumstances.

Question four .To what extent do you feel sympathy for the characters and why?

 I believe everybody who watches the movie “Crash” will be touched   and will feel   sympathy for the characters in the story because the movie is full of scenes of coldness, hurt, racism and frustration.

Question five. To what extent do you think the movie is about the distance between strangers?

 Distance between strangers is another theme prominent in the movie. The movie has a presumption, that most people have resentment or prejudice against strangers, and these assumptions may make people unable to appreciate the worthiness of the strangers.

 Question six .To what extent are the victims in the movie guilty of racism.

The plot of the movie  “Crash” revolves around the interaction of blacks, whites Latinos, Koreans, Iranians- all of them defined by the common factor of racism. All the characters in the movie are guilty of racism, though sometimes, the characters rise against racism.

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The main theme is that the characters in the movie are putting racial negative prejudices against strangers and people of other races.. Although, there were many superficial differences between the characters in the movie, when they came together, they learnt that they had similar hopes and fears.

 Question eight. To what extent are the events governed by coincidence, serendipity or luck in the film and significance.

“Crash” is a movie with free will because events in the movie happen by accident. This unpredictability makes it a fascinating movie. The unpredictability also makes it easier to understand the characters in the story. It also makes it hard for the spectator to predict how the characters in the movie will behave. This makes the movie mysterious in its capacity to get its viewer more involved in the storyline.

Question nine. The film seems to presume that most people feel some sort of prejudice and presentment against other groups of people. Do you agree?

This is very true because people always have some preconceived assumptions about other people. These prejudices may t interfere with the interaction of people with strangers.

Question ten. Whendo you feel, that characters’ assumptions prevent them from seeing a person standing before them, clearly?

 This means that preconceived assumptions can make a person to be mistaken about the other person. For example, in the movie, an Iranian is mistaken to be an Arab and a Mexican- American is mistaken to be a thief (Haggis, 2004).

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Question eleven. Is there hope in the film?

Although the movie “Crash” contains scenes of frustration and cruelty, there is still hope, because all the characters in the story are looking forward to improve their situation.

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